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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update on Jaylin's Surgery

All went well. It took all of 5-10 min for the surgery and another 10-15min for her to wake up....i teared up when they carried her into the OR area....but i did better this time...i full out cried when Jeffery went back. I was laying down with an eye mask on in Jaylins room and the dr had just come in to talk to me and left and i hear this SCREAM coming up the hallway.....immediatly i knew it was Jaylin....I took the eye mask off just as they were rounding the corner and she held her arms up for me! She screamed for a little while and the nurse come in to do her vitals and she wasnt having it...so she asked if she wanted some juice and brought her back some apple juice, she still wasnt too happy but drank the cup a little bit later. The nurse come back and asked if she wanted a popsiclle but i thought she was still a bit too sleepy for that (not to mention it was 930am!!!) By 10pm she was up and walking around and we were able to leave. I had to go to walmart to take back some shoes so I went ahead and did that (we seriously live 30min from walmart) she wanted to help me sooooo much, she carried the store credit gift card for awhile, then she carried her brothers shoes, she tried to give the card to the cashier but she was a little toooo short lol....but she carried the bag out of the store for me. I was talking to the cashier and it somehow come up that it had been a long day and she said "its only 10something in the morning" and i replied...."yea but we've already had a surgery this morning" she was shocked that jaylin was as active as she was. Then we were walking out and a elderly couple was saying how much of a big girl she is carrying the "groceries" and she was "picture perfect cute" it made me feel good!!!

We got home and went back to bed though lol. I was TIRED!!!!

Today she is happy and back to her normal self....wouldnt be able to tell she had surgery...she's fighting with her brother like normal lol.

BTW im sorry I didnt post the giveaway the other night, i was busy getting her diaper bag ready for the next day. I'll post it ASAP!!!


The Mama Hood said...

Two of my kids have had the same procedure done, it's hard to see your kids go through any type of pain or fear. Good to know she is all better, it's so much easier with the tubes in! I enjoy your blog!

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