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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween is Coming!

Yes....Halloween is just around the corner...do you know what YOU want to be yet?!?!?!? I dont...but I found a great site that has a TON of costumes to choose from, from babies to adults...also pet costumes! That site is Halloween Adventure! I have searched through the costumes on Halloween Adventure and found one I think fits my personality the best....Aurora...dont know who Aurora is?!?!?! Aurora is the real name of Sleeping Beauty.
I love the pink dress! Jaylin is really into the Disney Princesses and her favorite is Cinderella...but I like Aurora, she sleeps...which is my favorite thing to do!! She is just so pretty too....something I wish I was lol ha ha! I would love to be sleeping and then wake up to a handsome prince standing over me who had just kissed me!! Oh yea!!! That's what I'm talking about!

You should really head over to Halloween Adventure and order your costume today...before you know it Halloween will be here!!! Actually it's only a week and a half away! Wow time flies, I thought there was more time than that!!! Jeffery is going to be Stitch thanks to a friend who bought the costume off of Ebay....I guess I need to search Halloween Adventure and find Jaylin a costume now! Found it! Stephanie from Lazy Town...Jaylin loves that show...check out the cute costume!!!


So check out Halloween Adventure for GREAT Halloween Costumes!!!!!



I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates

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