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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Skinn (review)


I have recently come across a great skin care product....Skinn. I was sent Skinn's Lip & Laugh Line Eliminating Duo, it includes Lip Appeal and Lip Rejen.

Skinn was created by Dimitri James after he worked in some of the largest cosmetic companies, he didn't like the way they did business....they just wanted to formulate a cheap product to sell and make money and wasnt really worried about the customer...Dimitri wanted to create a cosmetic line who actually cared about the customer.....and that's when he created Skinn. He creates quality products and is able to sell them at reasonable prices by cutting out all the costs for advertising, counter space in stores, and packaging...Dimitri simplified it....Skinn is only sold on TV home shopping channels, internet and exclusive, private spas throughout North America.

Now I mentioned the Lip & Laugh Line Eliminating Duo that I recieved....but dont think that lips is the only thing Skinn makes products for....Skinn also makes great Cleanse & Resurface products for your face, Eye Treatments, Body Treatments, and also Makeup!!!

Oh, I almost forgot...Skinn is also enviromentally friendly! They purchase only recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging materials. Also, the packing materials that are sent to them (packing peanuts, bubble wrap, ect.) are all reused! Finally...they DONT TEST ON ANIMALS!!!!

Go check out Skinn today!!!


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