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Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have found a new GREAT skin care company!! It was created in Japan, and is becoming one of the most popular skin care products around!!!! Noevir has products for all types of skin, oily, dry, combination of both? I have an oily skin complection and I tried the samples of the skincare line and my face feels GREAT!!!

I also tried one of the masks and it felt sooooo good when I took the mask off, my face was as smooth as a baby's bottom!!! I have enjoyed everything I have tried from Noevir, including the lip conditioner with vitamin E! I have a horrible problem with dry lips and the lip conditioner healed that right up!!!

Noevir has a TON of different products, hair care, cosmetics, and body care....just to name a few. Head over to Noevir's site and check it out!!! All their products have a 90day guarantee!! How many other skin care companies do that???

If you head over to Noevir now, when you sign up for a membership (a small one time membership fee of $25) you get 30%-45% off your purchase! Also, you will get a free Lip Conditioner with your purchase!!!


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