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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update time!

Ok, FINALLY I have a new laptop and I can post more often now! Hmmm where to begin? Welllll I am now 22weeks pregnant with a BOY!!!! The hard part is figuring up a name for him. I love the name Jaxon and Jeff hates it, we can agree sort of on Jadon but I think that is too close to Jaylin and it will get confusing! He is moving a lot, keeping me up at night! But I love it, I have missed being kicked from the inside for so long!!! We have started shopping, well **I** have started shopping, I picked up his carseat last night, it is ADORABLE!!! He also has quite a bit of clothes with monkeys on it!! The theme is Jungle, which includes MONKEYS!! Jeffery is getting excited, he cant wait to have a baby brother!

Now for Jeffery, he turned 4 on February 2nd! I can't belive how much he has grown up! He is talking sooooo much better! He loves school and has so many friends (including girls fighting over him!) I also signed him up for tball! He is thrilled about it! I know I know, I'm going to be busy taking a newborn and a toddler out to his games and practice, but I know it will do him good to be on a sports team and be with other kids throughout the summer.

Jaylin is next. She has had it rough. She goes for surgery on March 4th to get her tonsils and atnoids taken out. She has had a time with sinus infections and cant seem to catch a break. I hope that after this surgery she will stop getting them and we can relax a bit and she can be a normal little girl...she has become EXTREMELY attached to me since she's been sick, not wanting to be with anyone (including Jeff) except me and that is taking a toll on me. She will also be getting evaluated for her speech, all this being sick has taken its toll on her hearing and speech. We are going straight through to the school to have it done since she turns 3 in September and will hopefully be in Head Start anyways.

So thats my update for now. I will be posting a LOT more now that I have my laptop!!! I am soooo happy! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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