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Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is going to be a longgggg post!!!

The week is OVER!!! Lets everyone keep your fingers crossed this next week is LESS hectic!!! Hmmm where shall I start? Ok, Monday I had my OB appt for my glucose scheduled at 8:20am, and Jaylin had her preop at 11:20am...no biggie they are both in the city and I was just going to hang around the mall until Jaylins appt after mine.....all of this was going to happen after I put Jeffery on the bus at 7:45am (the city is 30-40min away depending on traffic) WELLLLLLL plans were messed up when it SNOWED 4INCHES!!! Jeffery's school was closed (oh I forgot to mention Jeff is on nights so he sleeps durring the day) sooooo there was no way I could take BOTH kids by myself to both appointments....so I decided I will reschedule my OB appt (come to find out they open 2hrs late when school is closed so it auto got canceled) Jeff went to bed a little early so he could get up in time to watch Jeffery while I took Jaylin to her appt....we COULD NOT miss it! So that all went fine and dandy eventually lol.

Tuesday.....2hr delay for Jeffery, and I had scheduled Pookie for a grooming at 9am, his bus would come at 9:45am LUCKILY the groomer is only 10min down the road so I just took him with me when I dropped her off and we got back in time to have him at the bus stop. I get home from the bus stop and play with Jaylin for a bit and then put her down for a nap, no sooner than I lay my head on the pillow to take a nap myself....the phone rings! It was one of Jeffery's teachers telling me he threw up in P.E. and asked me to come get him....so I get on the phone and call his dr to get an appt, got one for 2:15 that afternoon. I go to pick him up and they were just then walking into the cafeteria and his teacher informs me that because he threw up in school he's not allowed back for 24hrs!!! (remember Jaylins surgery is the next day!) I PANICKED!!! I seriously cried the whole way home because I had no clue what I was going to do with Jeffery while I was in the hospital with Jaylin....I couldn't take him with me because she would need my full attention! Get him home and put him down for a nap, then I finally got a short nap before I had to get up and get him to his dr appt....his dr told me it was allergies (he coughed so badly it gagged him and made him throw up) so she put him on Claritin and Nasonex...ok fine, she's the dr. THEN Jeff had to leave for work at 5pm and at 4pm they still hadnt called and said she was ready!! So I called them! So I had to hurry and go get her (she WAS done, for an HOUR!!!) and get home so Jeff could leave. I wish I could say that was the end of day 2....but nope, it goes on! Later that night Jaylin woke up crying and I went in to checkon her and she was BURNING up, took her temp and it was 101....called the nurseline and they told me to call the dr who was to do her surgery the next day (this is at around 11pm!!) I had him paged and he called right back and told me to give her tylenol and bring her in as scheduled and they would check her out to see if she could have her surgery....I go to give her tylenol and she throws up all over the place....so I take her jammies off, change her sheets and all, and just left her in a diaper for the night. Ok....THAT was the end of day 2!

D-Day! Got up at 5:30am and got the kids up....just had to put shoes on Jeffery and got Jaylin and myself dressed and out the door at 6am (a little later than I planned but I couldnt get myself out of bed at 5am lol) Met Jeff at a gas station in the city and give him Jeffery (he planned to come home and just stay up and take a nap when Jeffery took a nap...fun fun for a guy who just worked 12hours!) So we get to the hospital and her fever had come down, and she checked out ok for surgery....thank goodness!!!! They give her "goofy juice" and she was soooooooo drunk!!!
She just smiled at everyone and everything and could barely keep her head and eyes up lol. I wish I had a video camera cuz she was just soooooooo cute!!! They took her for surgery and I cried...then went back to the room and took a small nap until the dr come in to update me on the surgery, he said her tonsils were HUGE and infected, and her atnoids were swollen also, more than likely the cause of her fever the night before. They brought her back to the room almost an hour after the dr come in, and she cried for a bit, but was sooooo tired she just layed on my belly (while the baby kicked her like crazy lol) They had a checklist she had to meet all the requirements before going home and one was she had to have 400+ml of fluid intake (other than her IV), active, and no fever. Well she didnt even take anything to drink until 1pm!!! And even then we had to force it down with a syringe. Finally she started eating a melted cherry popciclle, and a little jello. She got a little active and we walked around and went to the peds playroom and played and ate a little more popciclles. I called my dad since he worked in the city to see what time he got off, and he brought me some KFC and then stayed and talked to me a bit while Jaylin slept some more (she's on tylenol w/codeiene so it knocks her out) She ended up running a fever of 101, and I was scared we'd have to stay the night!! Long story short, she barely made the fluid intake, and the fever went down to 99.3 we left the hospital between 830 and 9pm. Got home and she went right to bed....we do have to force her medicines down....thats no fun. And thats the end of the most hectic of days lol.

Thursday wasnt AS bad....Jeffery went back to school, and Jaylin slept MOST of the day. Seriously she was only awake for about 3hours so I called her ENT who did the surgery and asked if that was normal or not...he told me to cut back on the tylenol w/codeine and she wouldnt sleep so much...but what about her pain?!?!?! I only give it to her when she cries for it anyways, if she's sleeping through the time she's supose to get it I leave her sleeping. Oh and I had a dr appt (my rescheduled one from Monday morning) drank the glucose yucky stuff, and baby is sounding good....my glucose is GREAT!!! 119, and normal is anything under 135!!! My aunt rode with me and we went to lunch after she went one place...was nice to get out (Jaylin was home sleeping while daddy slept too) Got home and everything was uneventful.

Friday....oh Friday!!! Jeffery didn't have school due to a teacher workday....not fun for me who just wanted to rest!!! The DAY was uneventful...but that night was horrible!!! Jaylin ran a fever of 103.8 and Jeffery was still sounding like he was going to cough up a lung! So I get on the phone and start calling and texting people who might be able to go with me to the ER cuz I couldnt handle both kids by myself...my BFF answered and once she heard what was going on her reply was "let's go" she is a GREAT friend, she even had to get up early the next morning for work!!! Get in quckly and the dr looked at Jeffery 1st and said he has/had a virus and thats causing the coughing, said an antibiotic isnt going to help but cough med can...so I asked him to go ahead with that cuz I dont want him to throw up again in school.(this shows how smart his regular dr is, how can you diagnose "allergies" when the child has a virus??? Mind you this is the same dr who thinks I have too high expectations of him with his behavior!!! I wish there was another dr around here that took medicaid....this is rediculous!!) Then he looked at Jaylin (who's temp was still above 101!) and said he thought it MIGHT be phneumonia, so he sent her for xrays and they come back clear...said she probably has what Jeffery has and that ontop of the surgery isnt good, so she's also on cough meds (yet another one to fight down) We were only in the ER about MAYBE 2hours and I got the Rxs filled and dropped Terri off and dropped stuff off at Jeffs work for his car (its a peice of junk lol) and got home around 1230am! GOOD thing I look at labels because we get in the door and I go to give Jeffery his med 1st cuz he's easier and I notice the bottle says "w/codeine" so I checked Jaylins bottle and it says the same thing!!! She's already on Tylenol w/codeine! So I call up the hospital pharmacy who tells me to stop giving her the tylenol w/codeine and just give her regular OTC tylenol and just give her the cough med with codeiene....ok no problem...I'M ticked cuz the ER dr KNEW she was on tylenol w/codeine!!! I had wrote down EVERYTHING and the doseage and what time they last had it for BOTH kids!!! The idiot STILL wrote her a Rx for something with codeine!!! I'm just glad I read the label, cuz I was about to give it all at once (it was time for her pain meds) So I give her the little bit of Motrin we had in the cabinet and everything was fine and dandy (as fine as it could be when trying to give a 2 1/2yr old 3 doses of meds at once my yourself when she dont want to swallow ANYTHING!!!)

Today was more relaxing. We cleaned the house, had a lady from the Health Dept come by to start me on a program for my pregnancy and the new baby when he comes...got to hear the heartbeat (Jeff and both kids did too, it was cool to see Jeffery's face when we told him what it was) So she'll come once a month to check on me. Then I went out and got Tylenol and more Motrin for Jaylin for her pain and fever...so far she seems a lot more cooler and a little more active so that's allll a good sign!!!

Now, both kids are in bed for the night, time for mommy to sit back and relax for a bit!!! Jeff should be calling on a break soon, let the relaxation begin! Goodness knows I need it!!!


Denise said...

Sounds like you're keeping up, mama! Q: are you in the Nurse-Family Partnership Program with the local health dept? I am, and it's a really great program to help families expecting a new baby.

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