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Thursday, April 9, 2009

L&D Visit

Yesterday was awful!!! I know I skipped out on the babyshower event for the day, but I promise I have a GOOD excuse!! So, here's the story....

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling awful, nauseaus and sick to my stomach. I got Jeff to go to bed a little early so he could get up and get Jeffery off to school since there would be NO WAY I could with as sick as I was feeling. So he does, and when 8:30am hit I was on the phone to my dr office here in town....I asked if there were any open appts that day and there werent, then I asked if the dr could just call in some antinausea pills for me, cuz thats alllll i wanted!!! I hate throwing up and I hate the feeling of needing to throw up...so she asked the problem and I told her, so she asked how far along I was, and then told me to come in right then, and they would fit me in. I get there in my pjs and i was taken back almost immediatley. They took my vitals and everything was ok, other than my heart was a little fast. The dr come in to talk to me and asked my ob's name, then he wanted to call her!!! There WAS a reason I went to him and not my OB!!! I didn't want to drive to Harrisonburg! So he walks out and calls my OB, comes back in and tells me she wants me in L&D! My heart dropped! He then goes on to tell me "at 30weeks, you being this sick could cause stress on the baby, and if he's too stressed, if they need to get him out he'll be ok" I had to have lost ALL color!! I got up and walked out, i was on the verge of tears. I get out to the van and called my aunt to watch Jaylin for the day...woke her up in the process...I went home and got Jaylin dressed, told Jeff what was going on and left.

Fast forward to the hospital...I checked in the ER as I was told to do, and told them my OB was expecting me in L&D, i got right up there. Got hooked up to monitors and all that fun stuff....long story short, I had 2 bags of IV fluids pushed through me, a bunch of antinausea meds, and didn't get out until 9pm! I got sent home with a Rx for phenergan, and that knocks me out cold at night!

The good news, both me and baby are fine! His heartrate was in the 150s all day yesterday and today I'm still a little sick, but not AS sick. Tonight after tball practice I should be posting a couple more reviews and some giveaways!!!


crystalf said...

Sounds scary! I'm glad you're doing a little better! Hang in there.

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