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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy Brag #???

I am a VERY proud mommy! I know all mommy's are proud of the kids, but my heart grows another size everytime I see one of my kids has learned something new! I think a lot of this is because I know both my kids have speech delays (in the process of getting Jaylin evaluated to recieive speech therapy) and a lot of what they're doing, they are doing at LEAST a few months behind, if not a year.

This brag is for Jeffery! The other day I had to go to the dr for a NST (non stress test) and i was forced to have to take both kids with me, so I packed up Jeffery's Thomas backpack full of toys for both of them, and packed another diaper bag full of extra set of clothes and snacks! Well he was sitting on the floor playing, getting the toys out of the backpack and he looks inside of the front flap and starts talking, so I'm listening really careful because a lot of his speech is still hard to understand...this is what I heard "j.....e.....f....f....e....r....y..........JEFFERY! Mommy, that's my name" So I applauded him (as much as I could without interfering with the monitors on my belly) and was soooooo proud of him...this boy is only 4! I was actually a bit surprised he could even see the writing since his backpack is dark blue and I had written that last year in black marker. My baby boy can read his name!!!! He can also write it, sort of, he forgets the last E in his name, but he gets "jeffry" there! We have a little easil out on the front porch that has a chalk board side, and he loves to write his name...and all J's are HIS J's lol.

Ok, Jaylin has a brag too! Her speech is behind as well, she only says 1 words, but recently she's been putting together some 2 word phrases...and her words, although theres not many, they are pretty clear (unlike Jeffery who has a wide variety of words, he's just hard to understand a lot) Welllllll she's finally MOCKING, or imitating, whatever you want to call it lol. She REALLY likes to copy Jeffery! Every car ride is an adventure with her now! She calls out "mommy....hey!" and when I acknowledge her she points to something and says it, mostly BUS (her favorite word lol) but she likes to see the cows, and "hehaws" which is what she calls horses lol, or a big truck on the road, or a car sometimes, dependin on her mood lol. Wellllll besides car rides when she's home we like to try to teach her body parts...and NOW suddenly she can NAME them, yep, thats right, the word will come out of her mouth! She knows mouth, nose, eye, head, hair, ear, foot (although she calls it a shoe whether it has a shoe on or not lol) and tail (ok, so we practice on a monkey....WHICH she calls a "moh-me" and then goes "oo oo" for monkey sounds! I LOVE it!!)

Ok, I'm going to end my mommy brag now....I just wanted to share that with you!


Anonymous said...

You deserved that mommy brag!

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