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Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Matter HOW bad your day is!

When one of your children learns something new.....your day is NO LONGER a bad day! Today has been one of those days! Jeff come in yelling while I was napping, and woke me up! (yea dumb cell phone this, no service blah blah) So I get up and Jaylin apparently was already awake, so she met me in the kitchen, I ask her to give me five, and she does....and then we have this thing around this house (we're nerds) we do thumbs up....what does my little Princess do?? She gives me a thumbs up back!!! OMG I flipped out!! I told Jeff to get her to give him five and then do thumbs up...she wouldn't do it for him!!! So I had to go and show him!!! It's precious! And of course we're both praising her like theres no tomorow, just for a thumbs up!!! She got a big grin on her face, she was sooooo full of herself!!!

That's just story number 1!!! Later on Jeff was changing Jaylin's dirty diaper (ok, thats a miracle in itself...round of applause for Jeff) Jaylin seems to always carry around a bag of dry cereal (today it's crispy hexagons...trust me, no sugary cereal in this house!) and while she was laying on the floor, Jeffery asked her for some cereal, she reaches in the bag and gives him a handful, so he says thank you, and then we tell Jaylin to say "you're welcome", then suddently she goes "weeeh" and then the same thing happened again, Jeffery wanting cereal, and he said thank you again, and we prompted Jaylin to say your welcome....this time "weh weh" SHE TRIED!!!! We were so happy, clapping and praising!!!

Ok, some of you are probably thinking "isn't this girl 2 1/2....shouldn't she be talking?" yes, she should be talking more than she does....BUT since May of last year she has had nothing but ear infections, sinus infections and just plain sick, from May last year to March this year, I think we barely went a week or 2 without antibiotics for her, she was that sick, in July of last year she got tubes, and that helped...but the sinus infections prompted ear infections regardless of tubes...so she's behind on her speech due to the many infections affecting her hearing. She got her tonsils and atnoids removed in March and has been healthy (no more infections, just a stomach virus) since!!! She's a different child and starting to learn new words everyday....but for 2 1/2 she is still quite behind, she is being evaluated for her delays now, so far I think she's behind in all her developmental areas except for motor skills, that includes speech, problem solving and social, I think there is more but I can't think right now. Now you might have an idea of how something so simple as a new word has us soooooo excited!!!

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