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Monday, April 13, 2009

Table Topper (review)

We go out to eat a lot....you never know how clean they get the tables, there are so many germs out there. Now Neat Solutions has made me put my mind at ease...Table Toppers. These neat little place mats have cute little designs to keep them entertained also! We recently got Pooh, and Dora Table Toppers and they are super cute! They kept the kids occupied for awhile, naming the characters, colors and such on each mat! AND Table Toppers have 1 sticky side to stick to the edge of the table, so it won't move!
I like not having to worry about germs now when they drop food and get it in their mouth before I get to them! Table Toppers are BPA-Free, PVC-Free, phthalate-Free too! They are disposable too! Just toss them when you're done! My kids love having something to entertain them if they get done eating before mommy and daddy, and I love they have something that can teach them colors, and help Jeffery with his speech!


Melinda said...

we love these, never know what a restaurant is using to clean their tables (have you seen those rags, ewwww)

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