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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today is Easter!

What are you doing?!?!?

I am currently sitting here getting the word out about all my fun giveaways...and chatting on Skype with some ladies I have recently become a part of their little group! I happen to mention I was waiting on my dad to call me back about hunting eggs at his house, and that I like to do a lot of things with him if possible with the kids, which includes egg hunting! The girls mentioned that it was sweet....and I realized, I don't talk about my dad much, he's been a HUGE part of my life, and a HUGE influence. Lately the main thing we have been talking about together is photography, we both now have a Canon Rebel (a DSLR camera) and he paid for me to attend a photography class with him last week. And thinking about all of this, brought back a nice memory of when I was pregnant with Jeffery. I wanted to share it with you.

Jeff and I moved in with my dad when I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant....when I was 37weeks I had a dr appt, just a regular checkup, well, it turned out to be more, and I was told to go to L&D and could be induced the next morning!!! (high blood pressure) So at this point we weren't prepared so we asked if we could go home and get some things (Jeff's license was suspended so I was driving this whole time) and they give us a time limit...we went back to my dads and informed him what was going on, and that I would more than likely be induced the next morning to have the baby, so he said he would go to work like normal and then come to the hospital afterwards. So the next day, was induced, then finally got an epi and dad showed up....along with my aunt and uncle....this was probably around 3pmish. Now, anyone know knows my dad, knows he's a guy who likes to stick to a schedule, back in 2005 when this was happening, he went to bed at 8pm, everynight. You could almost set your clock by him lol. But anyways, my labor went on and on and on....it got late and my uncle wanted to go home....so my aunt said she wasnt leaving until there was a baby born!! My dad then told her he wasnt either, and he would take her home when he left...that surprised me, i honestly thought my dad would leave and come back the next day after work to see the baby...but I guess the thought of missing seeing his 1st grandson kept him there. So at 11pm I was informed it would be best to have a csection...I cried, and Jeff went out and told my dad and aunt...Jeff come back in and told me my dad looked scared! This would be my 1st surgery, my 1st baby, and I was his only child...he wasn't at my birth because he was overseas...so all of this was new to him. So I saw them shortly right before they took me back, and he did look scared a little....so did my aunt (his sister btw) and at 11:48pm Jeffery Amos (my dad's name is Amos!) was born! It was after midnight when I got into my recovery room and dad was still there!!! They come in for a short time before they left for the night, and it was just my hormones going crazy, but it made me feel soooooo special that he stayed the whole time. He called his work the next day and said he'd be late because he was at the hospital with me, but the next day after work, he come back to the hospital and held his grandson! I have a picture of it somewhere, he looked sooooo terrified to hold something so small!!!

With Jaylin, everything was planned, he come to the hospital right before my csection was scheduled and watched Jeffery for a few minutes until my aunt arrived to watch him (and change his diaper lol) The only difference was when he was about to leave, I asked if he wanted to hold his granddaughter and he said, nah...but then as he got close to the door, he turned around and come back and changed his mind!!!

I treasure memories like those...along with a TON more! He took me to Disney World when I was about 9...every summer we went to Kings Dominon, camping and a lot of other stuff! He is the one person in my life I can go to when I need something. When we have been short on money, he has never hesitated to let us borrow the money. I know I can count on him! He's an amazing person, and my biggest influence!


Eighty MPH Mom said...

What a touching and heartfelt post...you certainly have a special dad. Thanks for sharing about him!

Andrea Proulx said...

You and your dad's relationship sounds so special!! I'm so glad you shared that story with us.

queenoftheclick said...

Your Dad sounds like such a sweet man who loves you a lot!

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