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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a day!!

Today has been hectic to say the least!!! Jeffery got on the bus at 745 as always...come home and TRIED to get Jaylin to lay back down for a little bit before her pshycological evaluation at 11....yea..got maybe an hour of sleep before that. The eval went well...that lasted an hour, then got her to take a nap, only for me to be woken up by the phone, it was her dr calling (I had called that morning cuz she had a horrible runny nose, cough and sneeze) and they had an opening at 215....but we'd have to wait cuz they were just fitting her in somewhere!!! So I asked if i would be back by 245 to get Jeffery and she said she didnt know...so I picked Jeffery up at 2, which interupted his nap....I got a grouch!

The appointment...UGH! Both kids were whiney, Jeffery threw a FIT, I wanted to pull my hair out! So I go back and tell the dr her nose is green when runny sometimes and clear sometimes, plus the sneezing I was pretty sure it was allergies (Jeffery has them too) so she looked in her ears and saw they were red...yea well she was crying that causes ears to get red!!! So she give a Rx for amoxicillin and Claritin, said the amox was cuz the runny nose was green and yucky....dont bother me, she just had her atnoids out, and it takes awhile for everything to go back to normal after surgery. Ok...appt over! FINALLY!

On the way to the pharmacy, I go past a gas station we go to often (small down, only have a handful of places lol) and there was a rescue squad there and on the ground was a guy they were giving CPR to! They had already taken his shirt off, and he was an older gentleman...a lady was standing off to the side with her hands at her mouth just scared to death...and there was this guy, I'm assuming he was dead at the time, they were pounding on his chest like crazy to revive him. My guess would be he had a heart attack while sitting in the van. Luckily the gas station is at an intersection diaganol from the rescue squad station. By the time I went to the pharmacy and back to that part of town, they had another squad there, a couple police officers and a few other emerency vehicles around the gas station. I don't know if the guy lived or died...but it's still kinda eery to know at the point I saw him, he pretty much was dead.

Had a horrible time at my dad's..the kids REFUSED to leave! They got to ride their bikes, and didn't want to leave. Had 2 kids throwing tantrums....UGH!!! They both cried most of the way home....needless to say they both went down for a nap when they got home!

I had such a rough day, and Jeff made it allllll better! I was expecting his paycheck to be $800, and our bills were about $730! He texted me and told me his paycheck was $1030 whoooo hooo!! So I texted back asking if we could go out to eat cuz I had such a rough day...and I got my wish! Not to mention we got a package of papers from the mortgage company, not saying we're denied, but not saying we're approved either...but I guess it's good that its not a no! Lets keep fingers crossed it comes back as a YES!

So on the way to the city, we stopped at a gas station to check the balance in the checking account (to make sure his paycheck went through) On our way back out, we were at a light and noticed a truck that was turning our way (this is a 4lane highway, 2 lanes each way) his drive train was dragging on the ground and he was stuck...so Jeff looks at me and goes "should I stop?" I told him yes! Something in me just said HELP HIM! He wasnt in immediate danger, he was in a turn lane...but I just felt the need to help him...so when our light turned we pulled out and ended up pulling over and Jeff ran and helped the guy get it put together (took about 15-20min) and as Jeff was walking back to the van, the guy was tryin to cross the last 2 lanes of traffic and it completely broke...Jeff TOOK OFF running and the guy jumped out the driver side and they both pushed the truck out of the way of traffic...Jeff picked up the part out of the road as he pushed. I jumped in the driver seat and drove over to the gas station again (where they were pushing the truck) Then when the truck was out of the way of all traffic (not quite in the parking lot, but close enough) 2 other guys stopped...so Jeff took that as a chance to leave, Golden Corral closes at 9pm and when he stopped to help it was 8pm! We got to the resturaunt around 830, and got plenty to eat! GREAT food!!!!

A rough day, turned out good! Went to Wallyworld and got diapers and a few other things. But all in all it ended well....I will just exclude the horrible time we had getting the kids to bed lol.


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