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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Milk Bank (review/giveaway)

Jaxon is soon to arrive....and I'm pretty sure I have a plan on what I'm going to do to feed him. I want to try to breastfeed durring the day, pump some, and bottle feed at night. It's the same thing I did with Jaylin. BUT this time is going to be different, I have Milk Bank by Dex Baby! Milk Bank will make storing breastmilk better for Jaxon.

Milk Bank is a vacuum storage system. Pump the breastmilk, put it in the Milk Bank bottles, and vacuum out the air, then store it. When you are ready to use it, just warm it up, and put one of the vented nipples on and it's ready to go!
Ok, so you are probably wondering what's the point in the vacuum....why not just pump and store? Ok...I asked the SAME question! The answer is, oxygen spoils breast milk....vacuum the oxygen out, it will take longer to spoil, when breast milk starts to spoil, it loses it's nutrition and flavor...I don't want to give my baby nasty tasting milk!

I like the idea that I can store the breastmilk in these containers, thaw and feed from the same container! Less mess, less fuss. In the Milk Bank storage system, there is a special insulator, you can put warm water in it to the line specified for the size bottle you plan to warm up/keep warm and you put the breastmilk bottle inside and screw together...you can then feed like that and it keeps the breastmilk from cooling down if your baby takes a long time to feed.

The nipples for Milk Bank are also vented! Vented nipples mean less air getting into baby's belly, means less gas for baby...which is good news, it means no fussy baby from gas! Talk about getting it all in 1 set, storage, warming insulator, and vented feeding!
***Giveaway has Ended***

Want to win a Milk Bank storage system?? Fill out the form below to enter! Visit Milk Bank and browse around, then tell me a fact from their site!

This giveaway will end on May 27th HOPEFULLY! Remember, I have a baby due to come in the next 2weeks, please be patient....I WILL pick a winner on or after May 27th sometime!


Stefania said...

Thanks so much for your thorough review! It's true: oxygen affects the quality of breastmilk. Thanks for asking the question and providing and answer for your readers. GOod luck with the giveaway!

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