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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bummas (review/giveaway)

Bath time or diaper time, Bummas comes in handy!!! What is Bummas? Bummas are baby washcloths, they come in different colors and are soooooo soft and absorbent. They aren't huge like regular washcloths, they are perfect for babies and toddlers.

When I got my package of Bummas cloths (by the way I got The Wild Ones colors) I let Jeffery and Jaylin pick their color (comes in packs of 10) Jeffery got the orange one and Jaylin picked out the pink. Now they both have their own washcloths for bathtime, makes it easier on mommy when they can use them to wash themselves (or attempt to lol).

In the first sentence of this review, I said bath time or DIAPER time, wonder how diaper time comes into play with washcloths? Well, anyone who has had a baby boy knows there will be accidental golden showers. Use a Bummas cloth as soon as you open that diaper to cover his little private part, if he pees on it, just rinse it and throw it in the wash! Also, I use the commercial wet wipes for wiping Jaxon's butt, they leave his butt wet which can cause a diaper rash if you put a diaper back on before it's dry, use a Bummas cloth to wipe off the extra wetness.

**Giveaway has Ended**
Want to win a package of these versitile Bummas cloths? Visit Bummas' site and come back and fill out the form below with your favorite Bummas color set. Remember to fill out the form each time you have an extra entry!

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