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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do-Dah Doodles (review)

Do-Dah Doodles is a uniqe baby/kids clothes company, their designs are a grandmother's doodles! What is cuter than a hand drawn design by a loving grandmother? Do-Dah Doodles makes tons of different items: onsies(long and short sleeve), tshirts (long and short sleeve), blankets, bibs, and lots more, all 100% cotton and preshrunk!

Jaxon just got the frog doodle onsie, and let me tell you, the designs are sooooooooo much cuter in person than on the site (they are cute on the site too, dont get me wrong lol). I would post a picture of him in it, but you wouldn't be able to see him because he is still too small for it (it's a 3-6month) As you can see, the frog is just simply adorable, Do-Dah Doodles has all kinds of animals to choose from, dog, bunny, cow, elephant, orangutang (they need a cute little monkey now lol) plus seasonal doodles as well!
Next time you are looking for a unique baby gift, or want something unique for your next baby (or current baby/child) check out Do-Dah Doodles!!


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