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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Munchkin (review)

If you have/had kids/babies you know how much they can smell....sometimes good, sometimes BAD! We enjoy the good smells, like fresh out of the bath smell, I love that! But the bad, we try our hardest to cover those smells, Munchkin has teamed up with Arm & Hammer to help with some of the smells, they have created Fresh Totes. When I first got Fresh Totes I was so amazed at how well I could smell it...THROUGH the box, I hadn't even opened it yet! When I did open it, I put one on the counter by the trash (it was time for Jeff to empty it so it didn't smell pretty), and another in Jeffery & Jaylin's bathroom (that's where Jeffery throws his dirty diapers in the morning). Jeff come home and asked me, "What smells so good?" I showed him the small little package of baking soda and he was shocked at how that little pouch could smell so good and eliminate the smells! I now keep one in Jaxon's diaper bag (instead of in the kitchen) not because it stinks, but because I love the smell of lavender! I keep the one in the bathroom because that is the bathroom guests use when they come here, so I like for it to smell nice. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, not only do the Munchkin Fresh Totes smell good, they LOOK good too, they come in several stylish designs.

Not only does Munchkin make Fresh Totes, they make all kinds of baby and toddler products...including Jaylin's newest favorite toy, a rubber ducky! The Super Safety Bath Ducky. Not only is this duck cute (Jaylin has the princess duck, pictured here, Jeffery has a police duck..but Jaylin plays with both of them even when not in the tub lol) it can tell you if the bath water is too hot, it has a special White Hot® disc at the bottom that tells you when the water is too hot to handle, then lets you know when it’s just right to take a bath!

Munchkin products are sold at many places, including Walmart, Toys R Us, & Target...go to Munchkin's site and enter your zip code to find the closest store to you!


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