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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

B2S Day 10: Nerf (review/giveaway)

Back to school isn't just about going to school, it deals with after school too! That is where Nerf comes into play! Jeffery just got the Nerf Wall 2 Wall Basketball to keep him busy after school.

I put the Wall 2 Wall Basketball in his room, and I'm telling you, he couldn't wait for me to be done putting it up so he could play! It's simple to install too, it just sticks to the wall with easy to remove sticky tape. Jeffery loves his Nerf Wall 2 Wall Basketball, him and Jaylin took turns throwing the ball into the hoops. My only issue was that after a few throws of the ball through the hoop, the netting would come off of some of the hooks, then I have to go in there and reattach it because Jeffery is telling me it's "broke" but it's not a big deal. I put it up pretty high on his wall, so he couldn't pull it down and tear it up, and he does pretty good, so does Jaylin.

Just a little info about something awesome Nerf is doing partnered up with the 2009 Dew Tour, they are having a Nerf Dart Tag World Tournament! How awesome would it be to be a part of that?? Sounds like a big party, going around playing Dart Tag with other people!

**Giveaway has Ended...Winner Announced**
Want to win a Nerf Wall 2 Wall Basketball? Go to Nerf's site and browse around, then come back and tell me which product of theirs (besides Wall 2 Wall Basketball) is your favorite. Remember, this must be done before doing any of the extra entries!

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Giveaway Ends August 23 @ 11pm EST

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