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Friday, August 14, 2009

B2S Day 12: Kushies - My Bag (review)

For the older kids, going back to school can mean being invited to sleep-overs! I remember those, so much fun! Now Kushies make packing for a sleep-over so easy with My Bag!
The My Bag is a duffel bag that includes several smaller bags to help organize! The My Bag contains 1 insulated snack box, 1 insulated medicine box, 1 clean clothes bag, 1 dirty clothes bag, 1 soiled clothes bag with laundry bag insert, 1 spare shoes bag (all the bags have a picture of what goes in it for those kiddos who can't read yet and on the back of each of the bags it has "this belongs to: ___ so you can put your child's name on everything), A pillow and blanket Plus it has a handy hook for hanging. The bag pictured to the side is the same one we got to review and I love the cute little dog on the side, it has 2 more compartments on each end of the bag, one side says "Stuff" and the other says "my stuff". My Bag is big enough for everything a kid could possibly need for a sleep-over and then some! My Bag don't have to be just for sleep-overs, it could be used for daycare, going to grandma's, or family trips...get one for each member of the family to keep everything and everyone organized...it comes in blue or pink!
Now you can get 10% off of any purchase at Kushies with the code "monkmay10" Kushies have all kinds of great things along with the My Bag for B2S!
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