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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B2S Day 3: LikeWear (review)

Cool clothes are a MUST for back to school, and LikeWear has just that. Fun, cute, and unique clothes for kids of all ages...even adults, because come on, you know you are a kid at heart!

I am so impressed with their clothes, they sent this cute little dress for Jaylin. She looks absolutely adorable in it! Of course the day I was going to take pictures of her in it, she decided to go on a camera strike and run away every time I pulled my camera out. She's the daughter of a amature photographer and she wants to run away from my camera! Anyways, back to the LikeWear clothes. This little dress is light and great for summer, actually she has been wearing it quite a lot lately. Plus, who doesn't love a tootsie roll pop? I love the strawberry one on this dress!

Jeffery was sent this cute little t-shirt with Trix on it and skateboarders. He has recently discovered skateboards and has been asking for one for awhile...I think he's a BIT too young..but he can have all the skateboarders on his shirt that he wants ha ha! Of course, I couldn't get a picture of him in his shirt, because by the time I got my camera and was ready to take his picture, he had already spilled something on it, gotta love kids! Plus...if you are a Trix kid yourself, these shirts come in adult sizes too!!

LikeWear is more than just clothes, they give you a great way to have an extra income! They give you 3 options to earn money with them: Catalog Sales (use a catalog and take samples along to show customers), Cash & Carry Sales (Purchase products at wholesale and sell them for retail. You keep the difference.), or Boutique Sales (be a sales rep for a boutique).

You can get 15% off your purchase at LikeWear with the code "OUTNUMBEREDMAMA" in all caps!


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