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Friday, August 7, 2009

B2S Day 4: Mabel's Labels (review)

I reviewed Mabel's Labels Classic Labels and 411 Wristbands last year, so when I got the opportunity to review their Ultimate Back to School Combo I was thrilled! Because of Jaylin's speech issues, I need to label ALL of her stuff because she's not going to be able to tell anyone what is hers.

With the Ultimate Back to School Combo from Mabel's Labels you get 2 teeny tags, which are little metal tags with a ring to connect to things like backpacks or lunchboxes. You also get 50 tag mates which go on clothing care tags (no ironing or sewing required!), 16 shoe labels (enough for 8 pairs of shoes....Jaylin is close to that ha ha!), and 40 skinny mini labels which are just what they say, skinny labels to put on anything and everything else (dishwasher/microwave safe and UV resistant) I am going to be able to label anything and everything of Jaylin's for back to school! The Ultimate Back to School Combo comes in 4 limited edition color combos too! I got the Cotton Candy color combination for Jaylin's labels and they are just too cute for words. I got JAYLIN S. and the heart logo put on them. Now I won't have to worry about her stuff getting mistaken for someone else's.

For only $39.00 you can get your own Ultimate Back to School Combo...what a deal! You customize your labels with what you want, and Mabel's Labels have a wide variety of logos to put on them, I actually had a hard time choosing what to get on Jaylin's.


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