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Saturday, August 8, 2009

B2S Day 5: OGIO (review)

When you think of school, one of the first things you think to buy is a backpack...right? OGIO makes some of the best backpacks you can get. Because my kids are little, they use little toddler backpacks so I choose something for myself from OGIO, the pink commuter pack. Because my inlaws live 4hours away, we tend to travel a lot, and we always get a hotel room with internet so I can have something to do, and the commuter pack from OGIO is going to be perfect for those trips!

The OGIO Commuter Pack has a lot of compartments, which is probably my favorite feature of the bag. There is the large compartment to put things such as books, clothes, or anything like that, then there's a compartment that has a laptop sleeve (I LOVE this feature, keeps me from having to carry my laptop seperate) there is also 2 smaller pockets infront and a mesh pocket on each side. When I got the bag, I knew there was a handle that was supose to come up to pull it on the 2 wheels, but I couldn't find it....until I unzipped a little flap on the top...the handle is hidden, it's neat! Of course you can carry it on your back also, it has tuck-away shoulder strap system. If you think the pink outside is cute, you should see the floral pattern on the inside of the bag!

If the OGIO Commuter Pack is too big for you, OGIO makes other backpacks, more suitable for school and such. Their packs are made of durable material also, I can tell these packs aren't going to fall apart within a few uses, they are made to last! Check out OGIO to see all their great backpacks!


ReinyDey said...

I want the pink one and the black one would make an excellent present for nephew who is heading off to college. This is the sturdiest and most multifunctional "Pack" I've seen. Thanks for sharing.

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