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Monday, August 17, 2009

Blub Blub Part 2

Check out the video of my little fishies Jeffery and Jaylin! I misquoted Jeffery in my other post, he don't say "blub blub" he says "drub drub" which in all honesty, is even cuter! He even got Jaylin saying it this time around, you have to listen closely to hear her, she has a soft voice.

Also, here are some pictures from that same day at the pool. BTW, you can see Jeffery is completly off the bottom of the pool...he's actually swimming and the boy has only been in a pool a handful of times! It's amazing!

Jaylin took to the water quickly this time, she couldn't wait to get in!

That's my friend Amy (it's her pool lol) and yes...she is THAT short ha ha!

Jeffery sneak splashing Amy!

Then he had to get Jaylin!

And of course the handsome little man himself!

SEE! He's off the bottom!!!! Such a fish he is!

Then here's brave Jaylin sticking her whole face in the water!!! She likes to try to give me a heart attack!

I LOVE this picture of Jeffery for some reason!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming (who can tell me where that's from lol I'm a dork!)

After inhaling a lot of water we had to explain to Jeffery he had to stop saying "drub drub" as he swam and keep his mouth shut...this is the result of that! HA HA!

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