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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Everything Has A Reason

Last week we had a pretty interesting night, and in the end I was thankful everything played out like it did. Amy and I were planning to take a trip to Kings Dominion (amusement park about 2hours away) and Jeff's work had them for only $25 (regular is like $40) so Thursday nights (every other week) Jeff's check usually goes through around 7:30pm or 8pm.

Ok, so last Thursday the kids and I went and picked Jeff up from work so we could kill some time and wait for his check to go through, then go to his work and get the tickets. So we went to Walmart and walked around for awhile, 730 come and Jeff went to the ATM to check the balance of our account....nothing. I used the debit card as credit (we have a $500 overdraft limit, and as long as the money goes back into the account the same business day there would be no fees) and payed for diapers and such, then we went to Kmart to get the kid's backpacks and napmats...I did the same then went to the ATM in the mall and STILL nothing! So we decided it might be just because they aren't our bank's ATM so we drove to the outskirts of town to the bank and check it...nothing. So we sat in the parking lot and waited til 8pm to check again....nothing. I was getting worried at this point! We ended up going to Wendy's (Jeff had some cash on him and the kids were hungry) where Jeff called his work to ask if they would take a check for the tickets...the did! So we drove all the way back across town to his work where he wrote a check for the tickets. We did it!

So we were on our way back home and you know the saying "go catch that speeding ticket" when someone is speeding past you? Well Jeff said that to a car that was coming up beside him pretty quickly, I looked over and it was a state trooper HAHA! We got a good laugh about that. So we stayed behind that state trooper most of the way home, when he turned on his lights and slowed down we switched lanes and noticed a car in the ditch....then a deer in the middle of the road!! The car was TOTALED! The hood was completely smashed in, we could tell it had JUST happened because the people were just then getting out of the car. So we swerved to miss the deer an started thinking...if his check would have went through as planned, and we were ahead of where we actually were...WE could have been the ones to hit that deer, that could have been our vehicle totaled...we had all 3 kids in the car so it would have been a disaster!

Oh, and when we got home, I checked the bank statement and his check had went through! It really made us think, there we were getting mad at eachother for stupid things in the city about his check not going through in time, and because of that, it saved us big time!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Wow! You guys did get lucky there. Isn't it weird how things happen like that? Really makes you think that there really is someone out there watching over you, huh :)

Melinda said...

like the saying goes, Everything happens for a reason. Kiss those kiddos and hubby and be thankful for whats in front of you :)


God works in mysterious ways! You had angels all around your family working overtime that day! What an amazing story!

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