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Monday, August 24, 2009

Incorporating Strategy into Adventure Games

So many websites are offering online games now, yet most of them are rehashed versions of the same basic games with little thought or quality put into them. To make matters worse, many of them either cater to adults or list half-developed games filled with characters that boarder on copyright infringement in some faint hope of attracting more kids. This isn’t to say that every website with games are bad, in fact, many of the well-known sites, like Nick.com, offer a number of free games online specifically for children, using the same characters and themes that the children have been watching on TV.

Taking ideas originally created in their cartoons, games feature characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, and many more. By not limiting to a single game per cartoon, Nickelodeon offers multiple genres of options including multiple kids games featuring the different Avatar nations, racing games highlighting the SpongeBob cast, and interactive coloring books portraying the babies from Rugrats. While the graphics in some of these games leaves something to be desired, the game play is above average, even beating the quality of some recent console games.

As one of the most popular games on Nick.com, Han’s Han’s the Biking Viking: Leaving Loki’s Lockup is a prime example of wrapping strategy and tactics inside amusing games. Even thought the game is fairly short and simple from an adult’s perspective, it can be quite the challenge for a child who is not used to looking at teamwork or utilizing the talents of individual characters for the betterment of all.

This type of skill building is incorporated into many of the games found on the website, though there are some games that are purely built around the premise of having fun. While Nick.com may have an advantage over their competition due to using of characters that they have made popular through cartoons, the user ratings of the games (an average of 75-85% satisfaction) proves that their not just running with a fad, but rather that they are developing games of quality.


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