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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is it time for school yet???

I'm so tired of the fighting in this house between Jeffery and Jaylin!!! I'm tired of being the referee in their fights...lately I have been letting them go at it! Jaylin needs to stick up for herself because she has been letting Jeffery have his way and the only thing she used to do was scream...I just watched her hit him for messing with her. Some of you may not agree with this...but it's my style, he will learn soon enough that he can't bully her. He don't listen to me anyways, over the past year I have told him a million times not to take things from Jaylin, leave her alone, not to hit her, etc and of course he still does it. So I'm letting her take care of it, if he won't listen to me, maybe he'll listen to her when she stands up for herself. I'm not always going to be around to referee their fights. Just now when she hit him, he looked at me and goes "Jaylin hit me." I told him I saw, and I didn't care because he was messing with her...Let's just say he walked away.

Today isn't the first time I've seen her stand up for herself, the other week he stomped his foot towards her (it's his new way of trying to make a point) she looked at him, then looked at his foot and stomped on his foot, he looked and me and started fake crying (you know the cry I'm talking about!) I told him he shouldn't stomp his feet at her and stop being a meanie. He hasn't stomped his foot at her since!

No, I'm not gonna let them seriously hurt each other, but little smacks here and there are fine with me if they are defending themselves, I do jump in when they hit for no reason, but if the other wants to retaliate and hit back while I'm telling the other not to hit...it's fine because I then explain to the original hitter that that's how the other feels when they hit. It has helped somewhat, it's less hitting for no reason! Actually, this is one parenting style both me and Jeff agree on.

I'm so ready for September 8th to come so they can both go off to school! I hope school helps them get along better.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Welcome to the rest of your life hon! My boys do not ever stop fighting, even if they're just playing around.

Val8200 said...

I am totally feeling ya! My kids are non stop fighting!

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