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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not Always Easy

I have 3 wonderful kids, I love them to death, but all 3 of them have their different health issues that I have to deal with. Jeff works a LOT (seriously he just worked 7 12hour nights straight, then worked for a canoe place yesterday and today) so he don't have any time to take them to the many different doctors.

The reason this come to my mind is we just got into an argument where out of anger he called me "lazy" because I haven't made a follow up appointment for Jeffery's GI doctor because I don't want to have to take Jaylin and Jaxon again. I then yelled at him to make it himself and drive the hour to get there and take him himself! Anyways, I couldn't talk to the GI specialist very well because Jaxon was crying and Jaylin and Jeffery were fighting over a toy...yea, I'm not going to do that again! Jeffery is STILL unable to control when he poops. Jeffery also has behavior issues, I take him over an hour away on Wednsday for an evaluation to see if he has ADHD or Autism.

Jaylin is having a lot of speech issues, not many appointments for that since she's had all surgeries already (tonsils and atnoids, ear tubes) She starts school next month and I had to make sure she had her physical and all that fun stuff done. I'm worried about that.

Jaxon, I have to take him next month to a ENT over an hour away because he weezes when he eats or sucks on anything, his pediatrician says its not normal. So here we go again with many many appointments!

Seriously, I've been on the go nonstop it seems with theses kids...I try to make it seem like I'm managing well...but to be honest, I'm TIRED! I do it all because my kids need me to take care of them, to make sure they are healthy, to make sure they are developing normally and all that stuff. I think the nonstop started when I was pregnant with Jaylin and we realized Jeffery wasn't talking like he should for a 1yr old...then started with the ENT for him, surgery to get tubes (might I mention I had a 2 or 3week old Jaylin in the hospital that day with me since Jeff had to work), then the speech evaluations, then speech therapy. Then Jaylin getting sick, then Jeffery switching to school to get the therapy (it was home visits), more doctor and specialists for Jaylin's sickness all the time, ended up with an ENT for her, tubes followed shortly after, then the sinus infections were nonstop (seriously, from May 2008 til March 2009 my poor baby was pretty much nonstop on antibiotics), add ontop of all this I found out I was pregnant with Jaxon, so then I had to juggle my prenatal appointments in with all that fun stuff. I was a very pregnant mommy when Jaylin had her tonsils and atnoids taken out in March (actually I remember her falling asleep on my big ole belly and Jaxon kicking her while she slept in the hospital that day). Then come the speech evaluations for Jaylin, and then referal to the school and they did a full evaluation for her...we cut it close with my due date and her last evaluation! Jaxon was a few weeks old when we got the results. She is going to be in speech therapy in school this year, so thats taken care of. Now the ENTs that the kids were going to stop taking their insurance, I have to take Jaxon over an hour away to an ENT in a bigger city for his problem.

Can't I catch my breath sometime?? It really seems nonstop, and when doing it by myself its even harder. I try to put on a brave face and just do it...but today I'm breaking down. Wedsnday morning I have to get up before the sun comes up to get Jeffery dressed and out of the house and on the road before 630am to get to the behavioral clinic at 730am when his appointment is at 8am (luckily Jeff is off that day and is going to keep Jaxon and Jaylin at home) then after that is done come home and the Head Start open house/orientation is that evening from 4-6pm, I'm going to make Jeff go with me to that since I have to take both Jeffery and Jaylin.

So there...its all out in the open, I'm not as put together as people think I am...I'm a complete wackjob for attempting to do a million things in one day, when I can barely handle anything at all. 3 kids, 3 different issues, a million different drs and appointments! Let's just cross our fingers that Jaxon don't have the speech issues his older siblings have.


LiveLaughLoveCj said...

i am sorry to hear your load is for heavy, i wish there was something i could do to help. yes you are most certainly a tired mommy, doing it all, trying to balance life and the kiddos. I believe in you!

Take a deep breath and you do what you can the only way you know how to. That's all you can do.
You are a great mommy, don't you forget it.
Hang in there my friend.
Thinking of you with good thoughts and with prayer.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Wow, I never realized you were going through so much. It's good that you let it out, you can't keep it bottled up inside.

I hope things get better for you, and the kids are all good.

Meg Hitt said...

You don't know me but I follow your blog. I want to pass something on to you:
Our pastor says "If you're doing all you CAN, then you're doing all you SHOULD."
That has helped me through some very stressful days when I thought I was supermom only to crash and burn.

Rose ~ RedNeckWitch~ said...

You have 3 absolutely wonderful kids, and they have ONE, amazing Mom!

My best friend listens to all of my gripes, and will often say "Rose, how do you eat an elephant?" ....

One bite at a time!

If I read your post right. (it's late my time, and I don't feel well tonight, sorry if I didn't read it right.) But if I did, then the older 2 should be starting school soon, which would certainly help you get things together where you are content with how it feels.

But remember hon .....
This too shall pass.

*cyber hugs*


It will be ok! You know I'm here for you. If you ever want to talk email me for my phone number! Blessings!

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