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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ouchies (review)

Having 2 kids running around like wild monkeys (soon it'll be 3 before I know it!) so "booboos" are common in this house! I got tired of the same ole bandaids, some look too childish even for my kids. Now I have Ouchies, cool and cute bandages!
I was sent a box of Teen-Ages girl bandages, Teen-Ages boy bandages and Make Your Own-Ages. I have to say I love these things! I even use them for myself, heck I think I've seen Jeff put one on! Ouchies are perfect for any age. Jeffery loves the dragon Ouchies, and Jaylin loves the camo with hearts Ouchies. I love how some of them look like tattoos, makes them even more unique. Both Jeffery and Jaylin love the Make Your Own-Ages, the box has 5 different color bandages and comes with 3 mini markers so you can decorate the bandage how you want!
Another plus to me, I love the tins they come in! Most of the bandaids I've bought recently have just been in a cardboard box, blah, plain!
The best thing about Ouchies...a tin box only cost $5 for 20 bandages in 5 different designs (4 of each design in each tin), that's a heck of a bargain to me!
Go to Ouchies and join P.A.B.B. (People Against Boring Bandages...cute right?) they will send you email updates on Ouchies happenings and news, along with first opportunities on new bandages, special discounts and free samples!

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