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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hugga-Bebe (review)

Most of you have seen the picture of Jaxon in his new walker, and you probably seen the green pillow like thing holding him upright in it. That pillow is a Hugga-Bebe. I forgot how much a baby can be so uncomfortable in a walker when they are so small, when I put Jaxon in his without the Hugga-Bebe he fell forward and looked miserable. I had flashbacks to Jeffery and Jaylin in their walkers, I stuffed rolled up recieving blankets infront of them to keep them sort of upright, but it still wasn't quite enough.

With Hugga-Bebe Jaxon has support in the front and back, so his head can't swing backwards, he's held upright comfortably. I would have taken a before picture of him in his walker without the Hugga-Bebe, but he was so uncomfortable I couldn't make him more miserable by getting my camera and taking a picture of it. So you get to see more pictures of him with his Hugga-Bebe.

He's so happy sitting up looking around at everything, he has a new perspective on the world now! Hugga-Bebe's material is soooooo soft, and the pillow is soft but still firm enough to hold him up.

Hugga-Bebe is simple to put on too, just lay the baby on the bigger cushion while it's laying flat, then pull the smaller one between the baby's legs and attach the velcro straps! Make sure baby is comfortable then put baby in walker, exersaucer, playground swing or jumper!

Here is a little about the inventor Kimberly Davis and how she come up with the idea for Hugga-Bebe:
Kimberly Davis is known for her ability to fix problems. From projects around the house to taking care of the car to juggling a family, she is someone her friends and family turn to for help. As a mom of two girls, safety is a top priority for her. So when faced with a problem that could potentially harm babies and toddlers, she went to work finding a solution.

The problem: her 4 month-old nephew kept falling over in his activity center. Her solution: the Hugga-Bébé. In March, 2007, she invented the Hugga-Bébé, a safe, versatile and practical product that helps protect infants and toddlers while they are playing in activity centers, jumpers, walkers and park bucket swings.
Jaxon thinks the Hugga-Bebe is so comfortable, he decided to fall asleep in it while I was giving the kids a bath tonight.

Since he's teething, he drools a lot. So the question is, how does one clean a Hugga-Bebe? Just machine wash it separatley, and tumble dry on delicate...simple!

Hugga-Bebe comes in 3 cute colors, Jaxon has the green, they also have red and yellow. The price is just right too, only $29.99! I know Jaxon is already getting plenty of use out of his Hugga-Bebe and he's only 4months old!


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Ohhh I didn't even think about the bucket swings! HOW cool! What a neat idea.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

That is a great idea! I wish they would have had this when my kids were babies. I'll definitely tell my cousin though, I bet they'd love one!

Dobermom said...

And why didnt I have this when Nate was a baby ??

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