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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm NOT Over-reacting!

Today Jeffery had his behavior evaluation today over in Charlottesville at the Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Clinic. We had to be there at 7:30am so we had to leave the house at 6:30am...ugh, I'm so not a morning person, but we've had this appointment for MONTHS!

Anyways, they had his teacher's report, and his doctor's report and my paperwork I filled out about his behavior. The nurse come in first and talked about Jeffery while he played on the floor with toys, we talked and talked and talked! Then after I told her everything he does (hitting, kicking, breaking windows, hole in the drywall, etc) She left to update the doctor, and shortly after he walked in. I must say he was soooooo nice! Everyone was nice! He asked a few more questions, one in particular was why I thought he might be autistic...I told him Jeffery's best friend is autistic and they are sooooooooo similar in their behavior and anger. He then did a few tests with Jeffery, and did a physical exam. It all took about an hour to do everything from the time I arrived to the time the doctor had suggestions on what he thought about Jeffery. In his words "Jeffery is a pretty normal child, with not so normal behavior issues" I let out a HUGE sigh of relief, I would have been devastated if he would have said "oh he's fine, you are overprotective of him, he's normal quit worrying" BUT HE DIDN'T!!!!

In the end, Jeffery has a lot of traits of Autism, but not enough to be considered on the spectrum (the doctor was shocked at how much I knew about the disorder and the traits), he also has some traits of OCD, but again, not enough to label him. Most of all he fits the category of Asperger's Syndrome, with the exception of the speech problems, so therefore he couldn't be diagnosed with that. The one thing that kept him from being diagnosed with anything was that he only acts like that at home, when he's in school he's an angel!

So what's going to happen? Well the doctor prescribed an anti-anxiety medicine...a VERY low dose, we will also be meeting with a behavior moderator, and also possibly a counselor.

I'm happy with todays visit...it only took about an hour and a half total in the building. Now why couldn't JMU CDC do the same last year?!?!?!! Last year we had MULTIPLE visits, for HOURS, and they told me I was nuts and he was fine. Granted today's visit was over an hour away...but welllllll worth it, everyone was soooooo nice! We don't have to go back for 6months, and I just EMAIL the nurse in 2months about the medicine...yes I said EMAIL! PERFECT for me, I'd rather email than call someone ha ha!

The nurse was awesome, the dr has his own personal nurse, she only works with him, thats just awesome to me!!! She said if I have ANY questions I can just shoot her an email and she'll answer asap, since she's easier to get ahold of than the doctor himself, which that's fine with me...it's just awesome to have people who CARE, and who AGREE that Jeffery don't have normal behavior. We all agreed, he's a GREAT child, and he's healthy as a horse, smart as could be (my little man was writing his name, drawing different shapes, and different letters for the doctor while we were trying to talk)

Overall, I couldn't be more thrilled, he's not LABELED with anything, but he DOES have issues...which means, I'm not over-reacting about his behavior!!!! So many people have told me I'm crazy and he's a normal 4yr old...he's NOT, I knew that...I'm his mommy, I had that instinct. I'm sooooo glad I followed my gut and had this 2nd evalutation done on him!!!


LiveLaughLoveCj said...

I've always said, nothing stronger than a mothers gut feeling, her intuition.
I'm glad he's getting the help you felt he needed. WTG Mom!

What a wonder your little man is, he doesn't need a label, only his name and with that he'll make his mark on the world.

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Never doubt your gut! I always go with my gut, it is that superhuman intuition that tells us when something is ok and something is not ok. Especially...especially with our kids!

What a great job mom! I hate labels, the only label he gets is he is a boy with a mom that loves him to pieces. Just like Christine said...he will make his own label in life.

karenmed409 said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I am raising my 15 year old grandson. I had a gut feeling when he started school.

Finally had a diagnose as Aspergers Syndrome after fighting with the school system for many years.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm glad you followed your gut, it's the only way to go, us mom's just know. The nurse sounds amazing! I hope they can tell more soon, but it's nice to know you're on the right track.

Rose ~ RedNeckWitch~ said...

I'm really glad that you got at the very least some peace of mind! It's priceless isn't it.

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