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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I've Been MIA

It's been hectic around here for the past few days with Jaylin starting school, I haven't been posting a lot because for once I'm able to sleep in for awhile when Jaxon goes back to sleep, I'm loving it! This might be my only post today because in about an hour I'm leaving to get my tattoo, don't worry if my arm isn't too sore I'll try to post pictures tonight or tomorow, so keep checking back.

Ok, let's talk about Jaylin's 1st 2 days of school. First of all, we both survived lol I only cried a little...apparently she cried a bit more than me. You saw the pictures of the first day getting on the bus, she was so thrilled to get on...they had to drag her OFF the bus crying when they got to the school. She didn't do too badly, she rocked on the napmat at naptime and would fall over asleep and wake back up, the teacher noticed when Jeffery caught her attention and pointed it out (he's such a good big brother, even though apparently he was giggling about it) The teacher kept her eye on Jaylin and when she was about to fall over asleep again Ms Judy ran over and caught her then layed her down gently and she stayed asleep. The only concern of Ms Judy's was that Jaylin would not go to the bathroom at all, she did stay dry, but she didn't pee at all the whole day (she made up for it when she got home, there was a huge puddle in my kitchen and then she almost filled her little potty halfway up!) She was so happy to see me that evening she practically jumped into my arms off the bus, that whole evening she just cuddled with me. So that was the 1st day.

Second day...oh lordy. Jaylin cried and ran when the bus pulled up at the stop. I had to pick her up and put her on and she started crying, we had to put her "baby" in her backpack, and she wasn't happy about that. They said she didn't cry for long. I got a note that evening that she cried a lot that day. She did pee that day, but in her pants. She cried so much that she got other kids crying for their mommys too (this is a class of 12 3yr olds and only 5 4yr olds so the 3yr olds are easily set off to cry) I called and spoke with Ms Judy and we discussed the options of what to do with her. She said I might have to come pick her up at 12:30pm before naptime to keep her from crying a lot, but if I do that, Jeffery will want to leave too and we don't want that. So I told her that her "baby" (the duck she is holding in the picture, it was a christmas gift from my dad a couple years back and she just attached to it) is her security item, the rules state that kids can't carry around toys, but in this case she is going to allow Jaylin to carry her "baby" if she cries a lot (it's been sent in with her for naptime) I'm also going to start putting Jaylin in pull-ups and sending her, I wasn't sure if they child had to be fully fully potty trained to go, and Jaylin is pretty potty trained but not fully fully. So a pull-up will help, I think the 2nd day she was upset because she had an accident as soon as she got to school. The last thing, they are going to put Jeffery and Jaylin beside eachother at naptime, that way she has that familiar person with her. If all of that don't work, I will go in and spend a few days at school with her to let her get familiar with it, and slowly cut back the time I'm spending there.
I know some of you are probably wondering why I'm sending my not quite 3yr old daughter to preschool already, and we're so persistant to have her go. Well I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but she has a pretty decent speech delay, along with a few other developmental delays. Going to school is something she needs to get the speech therapy and everything else she needs. She also lacks social skills and school is the best place to get that. If it weren't for her delays, I probably wouldn't be sending her to school yet. I don't want her to fall as behind as Jeffery was. So as long as the teacher is willing to work with us to get her comfortable with school, we're going to keep sending her. It is really hard on me, knowing she's crying for me while in school...she's always been my sidekick.

Ok, it's taken me about a half hour to write this post, so now I have to go feed Jaxon, then get dressed to go get my tattoo!!! Wish me luck!


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