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Monday, September 14, 2009

School Updates

Friday was rough, Jaylin had an accident in her pants as soon as she got to school, so they rushed and changed her and put a pull up on her then took off to breakfast. She cried off and on all day, then really cried at naptime...she ended up making a couple other kids cry too. Needless to say I got a note home in her backpack. I called the teacher and spoke to her about it, I told her I was worried this would happen. She was so nice about it all. We agreed that I would send her in a pull up until she is familiar with school enough to be comfortable going potty there all the time. The teacher agreed to let her carry her "baby" around the class with her if she cried during the day, even though the rules are against that...they would make an exception to help her transition. At naptime the teacher agreed to put Jeffery's napmat next to Jaylin's (they do have to be 12" apart but thats not a big deal) We were both worried about how the weekend would affect how she acted at school the following Monday (today) getting used to being at home again, then being thrown back into school.

So when today rolled around, I was worried. But to my surprise she was excited to go back to school. I put a pull up on her, got her dressed and she even let me play with her hair a little bit. When we got to the bus stop she happily got on the bus (Friday she cried and I had to physically put her on the bus). So all day I sat by the phone, expecting that phone call....a call to tell me that Jaylin wouldn't stop crying and I had to pick her up....no phone call ever come (heck, our phone didn't ring all day) When I picked her up off the bus, she was happy as could be, the bus assistant said she was good on the bus, and good at breakfast and lunch (she assists Head Start at those times) I checked her backpack, and there was a note...I of course thought the worst, and that today was like Friday. I was shocked when I read the note and it said today was a good day...she only cried a little at naptime and she actually fell asleep before Jeffery. Fingers crossed she'll be that good everyday, and eventually will stop crying at naptime.

On to Jeffery, I talk enough about Jaylin I feel like I'm ignoring him. I wanted to show everyone a picture he drew the 1st day of school.  I asked him about it, here is the conversation:

Me: Jeffery, what would happen if you took an ostrich to school?
Jeffery: You don't take ostrich to school mommy!
Me: But what would happen if you did?
Jeffery: You are silly
Me: What did you draw here?
Jeffery: Oscar, me
Me: Who is Oscar?
Jeffery: My friend.
Me: Is Oscar the ostrich?
Jeffery: Yes, and thats me...I have hair, and Oscar has shoes

I couldn't help but giggle at this, he did a pretty good job at drawing "Oscar" the ostrich, and then a self portrait of himself...don't you think? I'm just a tiny bit biased right? lol I'm sorry the picture isn't that great, the crayon he used is light.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I'm glad to hear she's having an easier time in school :)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Mrs. Cox.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Oh! I'm SO glad that she's having a better time with things...so so glad! That picture is adorable :) LOL Oscar is a great name for an ostrich, I think.

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