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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, tonight I went to a tattoo parlor...I took 3 images, a monkey angel, a banana and a lily. The monkey will be sitting on top of the lily, and there will be 3 bananas around it with the kids' initials in them, and they are going to be colored the kids' birthstone (Jeffery is purple, Jaylin is blue and I think Jaxon is green) The Lily will have white highlights in it, and will have my Nanny's DOB and DOD along with her name in the pedals (Lily's were her favorite flowers) The artist is going to put it all together for me, I take $20 in to them on Friday for him to do the artwork, and on Saturday at noon I will be going in to get my tattoo...this is my first and I'm scared!!!! I'll be getting it probably on my back shoulder (get it, a monkey on my back! come on laugh with me!)

This is similar to the monkey I am getting.
The lily will be similar to this one, but not that color and the back 2 pedals will be covered by the monkey and the center things wont be there because that's where the monkey will sit.
I'm so thrilled to get this done! I've been planning this for YEARS! Jeff don't like tattoos, but I love them, I think depending on how this one goes, I may get more and more ha ha!
Sooooo, anyone have any tattoos? What should I expect? I'm really curious as to if anyone has any on the shoulder, how bad does it hurt? Anything about tattoos you think I should know, please tell me!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I bet it'll be cute! I have two that were homemade when I was stupid and 14, ahh teenage life lol. I need to get the one covered, but I'm so afraid it will hurt and I hate needles.

Stefany said...

Take some tylenol before you go. It isn't that bad. I have 3 and plan on getting at least one more on my back. The worst I had was my ankle because that is bone. I don't think the shoulder would really be that bad except when they are over the bone.

Good luck! I can't wait to see it!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

If you can survive having kids you can totally survive a tattoo!! I have several, a rather large one on my shoulder - it definitely hurt, but it wasn't too bad, like Stefany said worst part is over the bone.

My only advice wear a loose shirt that can easily be moved around while tattooing and a bra that might not lay right on top of the tattoo.

Ellie (The Savvy SAHM) said...

This is a really cute idea! I can't give you much advice on the tattoo experience since I don't have any myself, but good luck! I'm sure you'll do just fine! :)

shannon said...

I have 3 one on my lower back just above my jeans and one on my right shoulder blade and one on my left shoulder blade. THey didnt hurt persay just like a pinching and they are ADDICITVE I want more. Good Luck

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