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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Had Fun Friday!

I got the awesome opportunity to spend the day (half day really, they got out at 1230pm because the teacher had to leave early) with Jeffery and Jaylin in school! It was a last minute decision. Since the bus driver was sick, I had to take them in, and we (Jeffery, then I had to translate lol) asked Ms. Judy if I could stay with them, she had no problem (she's awesome!) It was only 8 kids in the class that day, including my 2 kids...its usually 16 or 17 in the class...everyone else was sick!!!! It was so fun! I went to breakfast and watched Jaylin be the big girl in the line and got her own tray, went to the table and I sat between them. Then I got to meet their speech therapist!!!! I was so happy I went on a Friday (apparently she gets them Wedsday and Fridays) of course the other child who goes in their group from their class was out sick so it was just Jeffery and Jaylin. She's a new speech therapist so it was nice to meet her, and she was sooooooo sweet and said I'm welcome in their therapy anytime.

I played with the other kids in the class during free time, I watched how Jaylin interacted with other kids, she kept her distance from her brother most of the time and just did her own thing. I talked to the teacher about how they are both doing. Then I was able to go to their P.E. class...it's so funny, their P.E. teacher was my High School P.E. teacher, he was the foot ball coach, it's funny to see him interacting with 3 & 4yr olds now, I always saw him as this big macho football coach! After P.E. there was some free time outside and I talked to the teacher for awhile while we watched and talked to the kids, it was nice. Lunch was next...again I saw Jaylin get her big ole tray, and carry it to her table (Jeffery almost had to sit by himself because he showed himself washing his hands before lunch, he pushed his teacher when she moved him from the sink when there was already 2 kids up there...he was acting out becuase I was there, she said he don't normally act like that) I watched Jaylin at lunch and she looked distance, she started getting pale and then wanted to sit on my lap, I was trying to get her to sit in her chair and eat when Ms. Judy told me it's ok to put her on my lap, when I did she almost fell asleep. The only thing she ate was her Jello. I was going to go ahead and take them home right after lunch...but Jaylin wanted to stay, even though I could see she didn't feel so great. She sat on the assistant's lap during story time (I love everyone who works in the Head Start class...that day it was the bus assistant because the normal assistant was out sick)

I also got to meet the Head Start director!!!! They come in to check out the classroom and such. I am on the county policy council for the class and I'm now on the regional policy council, we're going to that meeting on Thursday. They were thrilled to find out I was coming to that. I love being involved in my kids' school. I get to have an input on what goes on in the classroom, and field trips and such like that.

I will probably spend more time in their class throughout the year when Jeff has days off. I loved it, it was so fun, getting to know all the kids.

I've been busy recooperating from that, thats the reason I haven't posted much yesterday or today. I went and got my tattoo touched up tonight. As soon as that heals I'll take a final picture and post. How is everyone else? Have a good week?


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

That's awesome, sounds like fun! My boys actually have the same music teacher I had. It was pretty cool talking to him at Open House.

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