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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Meaning Of My Halloween

That's right, October 31st means something different to me. Yes, I still take my kids trick-or-treating, it has nothing to do with religious stuff or anything. It actually has to do with me and Jeff.
I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Jeff and I met online...no not a dating site, but in an actual chat room.(that picture to the left, is one of the pictures he sent me, we joke that that's his "serial killer" picture") We talked online for a couple months, not much, but once in awhile. On his birthday October 6th (his 21st birthday that year) I messaged him to wish him a happy birthday. Apparently not many of his friends did that...he's not a drinker so he didn't go out and party, he asked for my number and we ended up talking on the phone some of that night. Our online conversations got few and far between but our phone conversations picked up. He would call me while I was at work (I did home health care, at night, the patient slept most of the time) keep me company like that. Then one night he asked me to be his girlfriend. Keep in mind, he lived 4hours away. Of course, I was 18, I said yea sure why not, thinking it would never lead to anything (you may see where this is headed lol) Once he asked me to be his girlfriend we talked every night, almost ALL night. Falling asleep on the phone, telling each other everything about everything. It was sweet, after about 2 weeks he out of the blue said "I love you" I was in shock. He meant it, he said even though we hadn't met, I had told him enough that he knew he loved me before he met me. I was still skeptical and at 18, those 3 words didn't have too much meaning.

One weekend was coming up I didn't have anything planned, I told him I was going to go visit him. He was very excited. Can I add here that I still didn't think much of this whole situation and that I was just thinking it would be a weekend fling. I got my paycheck, filled up my car with gas, got some snacks and I was on the road. Before I left, we had agreed on a meeting point (in public! I was safe about that lol) and he knew what time I was leaving. He told me he had to take his roommate's wife to her parent's house, and he would take my number to call me from there. Guess what he forgot lol. About the halfway mark of being down there (Richmond, VA) I called and called and called! I ALMOST got off an exit to go see my mom who lived just north of Richmond, but I kept going...thinking "if he's not there, it's not too far to turn around and go to mom's" I the closer I got, the more nervous I got, and when I pulled into that 7-11 parking lot in Virginia Beach, he was standing next to a light pole...he recognized my car and come right up to me. He had been standing at the 7-11 for 3hours waiting on me! He didn't know exactly when I'd show up so he just waited!
That weekend was magical, when Sunday rolled around I didn't want to leave, we had a connection. I didn't leave til Wednesday, and he come with me! We haven't been apart since. Now here it is 6 years later, we are happily married and have 3 amazing kids! I couldn't ask for more! At that point in my life I would have never thought that 6 years from then I'd be a stay at home mom (I was in community college, working 2 jobs at 1 point and living with my best friend) with 3 kids! Shoot, 7months from this day 6years ago I got pregnant with Jeffery! It's crazy the stuff we've been through in 6years, we've lived in Verona, VA, Shenandoah (where we live now), Norfolk, Newport News and then back to Shenandoah. Plus while in Shenandoah we've lived numerous places, with my dad, an apartment on the river, a house near the ballpark and now where we are now. Possibly moving in the Spring...HOPEFULLY!
Anyways...Happy "Meeting" Anniversary Jeff!
To everyone else...Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun and safe night!

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