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Monday, October 5, 2009

My Poor Baby Girl

Jaylin is sick...it breaks my heart whenever she is sick, last year we had a rough battle with ear infections, and sinus infections....which were finally over once she got tubes in her ears (July 2008) and her tonsils and atnoids out (March 2009) She has been pretty healthy up until today when I got a call from the school nurse, she had a fever of 101degrees. I jumped out of bed and got dressed (Luckily Jeff was home so I was able to leave Jaxon with him) then headed for the school. When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed her teacher on the front steps, when I got out of the van I realized she had Jaylin with her and wanted me to come up to the front. I have to say I love the kids' teacher, when I got up there she said Jaylin wouldn't stay with the nurse so Ms. Judy got her and waited for me...seriously, how sweet! I signed her out right there in the school driveway, got Jaylin all bucked in and thanked Ms. Judy. Apparently Jaylin wasn't the only kid to be fine getting on the bus then get sick in school today, the nurse said about half the school was out sick!

This picture was taken just the other day, she was perfectly fine, just a small cough.

So, got home, give her a cup with some tylenol for the fever and she went right to sleep....I knew then that this wasn't something little. She slept for about 3hours! When she got up she was hungy and ate some hotdogs. Once Jeffery was home from school (I waited til then because Jeff's truck wasn't working, and I didn't know if I would be home in time) I took Jaylin out to the ER. She looked so pale, and so miserable. Oh, the reason I had to take her to the ER instead of her doctor...the office didn't have ANY providers in the office!!! So after getting everything done, sitting in 2 different waiting rooms, the dr come in and was sooooooo nice (I was shocked at this since they were PACKED!) She got to look in mommy's ears, and her baby's ears, then mommy's mouth, it was so sweet...she did finally let the dr look in HER ears and mouth lol.

So finaly diagnosis....Upper Respiratory Infection! Nothing to give for it, just tylenol and motrin for the fever. She's not to go to school til the fever is completely gone. So, here's to hoping she gets over this quickly, she is going to hate not going to school.

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