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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Shandle (review)

Having a little boy in the house can mean either the seat being left down while he pees, or the seat left up when he's done if he does happen to raise the seat. I hate the thought of him grabbing the dirty toilet seat to raise it up, or put it back down, especially in school where there are all kinds of germs and kids who still can't aim...all those germs getting on his hands...or Jaylin's when she has to put the seat down after a kid leaves it up. So all of that went into my mind when I got an email with the opportunity to review The Shandle.
Instead of putting The Shandle in our bathroom here at home that Jeffery uses...I decided to take it to Jeffery and Jaylin's Head Start class since they have their own private bathroom in the class. After making sure it was ok with the teacher, I installed it. It was simple, just peel off the backing, place it on the underside of the toilet seat, on the side, and let it dry. That is where I had a issue with The Shandle...it asks that you let it dry for 24hours before using it (for best results it says, but I'm told it can be used within an hour or 2....so best time to do it is at night)....easier said than done whether it be in my house, or in the classroom, The Shandle is cute, and kids are going to want to touch it and use it as soon as they see it....but if they touch it before it's dry, it will move or simply come off.

The Shandle is easy to wipe clean, it has antimicrobial protection ("It resists the growth of bacteria over a period of time. Doesn't kill them instantly like Lysol, but instead bacteria will not grow on it. Kind of like rust protection you can think of it that way") and it is visible whether the seat is down or up since it has a graphic on each side. I do love how on The Shandle it reminds kids to wash their hands...so many forget...I know mine do and I have to remind them! The graphic is cute, ours is a Frog Bear (pictured here), they have many other designs too, including robots, monkeys (that one would have stayed in our house lol), monsters, designer, and right now they have Halloween themed ones! I have a bit of an issue with themed ones, they recomend you change The Shandle every 6months...but for ME (in MY opinion), I wouldn't want a halloween design in my bathroom for a whole 6months...but that's just me, I know one friend of mine would like something in her house for halloween all year around!

If you want to buy The Shandle for yourself, they are only $6.99 and have free shipping!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

This sounds like a great idea! I live in a house full of boys and I hate having to touch the seat. How gross!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I left you an award Mama :)


Kristin said...

well this is a neat idea!

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