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Monday, October 19, 2009

What Happened to Fun Baby Toys?

I was just talking with Kristin from Our Ordinary Life about baby toys, her little girl Brooklin is 2weeks younger than Jaxon (Brooklin was born on Jaxon's actual due date...how cool is that? lol)so they are doing a lot of the same stuff. She started talking about how there are no good baby toys anymore and I couldn't agree more!
With Christmas coming up, I've started thinking about what we'll be buying Jaxon...and there's not much we can buy for a 6/7month old! He MIGHT be sitting up by himself by then....not likely, but possible, he definatley won't be crawling, he'll still sort of just be a blob...but able to do things with his hands while sitting with support, he's already doing that a little bit now. But that comes to the point...there are no good toys for him to just grab and put in his mouth, or shake to make noise and light up...no, it's all stuffed animals, and cloth stuff and I don't want him drooling on stuffed animals and stuff like that, to me that's a breeding ground for germs...if it's plastic that can easily be wiped off, but cloth has to be WASHED, like in the washing machine, and then dried...that's a big hassle.

Where are the rubber/plastic teethers and rattles...oh and the CORDED phones that the baby can pretend call? I don't want my baby playing with a cell phone imitation, just makes them more likely to pick mine up and destroy it! Those phones were so much fun, push buttons and it made noises and lights up.
I have a theory... it's because of STUPID lawsuits! People trying to get rich without having to do anything for it. Example would be "oh my god, my baby just hit herself in the head with that plastic toy...I'm going to sue the company for making a hard toy that hurt my baby!" Lawsuit for couple million dollars there! Or the corded phone..."oh, my baby choked himself while I wasn't watching him and was busy doing a million other things besides paying attention to my baby" another couple million dollar lawsuit! That makes companies scared to make fun products because stupid people will sue them because they aren't responsible enough to keep an eye on their kids! Babies are going to get bumps and bruises...lord knows mine have! It happens, it's how they LEARN NOT TO DO SOMETHING! Seriously! Keep an eye on your baby! Common sense people! Stop trying to make an easy buck and making the rest of the world suffer because now, the company got sued...they are thinking more people are going to jump on the bandwagon...stop making the toys, and/or increase the prices of their toys! Toys are EXPENSIVE now, its crazy! The toys I do find for Jaxon cost an arm and a leg! It's just STUPID! Gah! I don't have money to throw into toys he's gonna slobber all over!
Companies should't be sued and end up stop making toys because some people are ignorant! Bring back the good toys!! I'm tired of this soft crap, the toys that suck! Come on, someone needs to make some good toys! Look at my adorable baby and let him be your inspiration to make fun toys for babies!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I couldn't agree more with every single thing you said. It is because of all the lawsuits. That's what's destroying so many businesses and in turn hurting our economy.

Heather M said...

Although I do agree with you, I say check out Fisher Price! We found my daughter PLENTY of stuff 2 years ago. And why do you say he Definitely won't be crawling in the next 2 months? Avery was crawling at 5 1/2 months old and sitting up at 6! It's VERY possible! Avery was 7 1/2 months old at Christmas and She got the Fisher Price Sing along Stage. LOVED it. Also got a Glow Worm and a couple other things! There's Lots from Fisher Price that are good for the In Between stage like that. Check them out!! Then let us know what you got him for Christmas and How he likes them!

Michelle said...

Seriously - Jaxon needs some monkey toys. :) I like your idea of receiving inspiration from just looking at adorable babies. It would be fun to do that & brainstorm over toys.

Rachel said...

Agreed! Our kids play with toys a couple years older than the "advised age" I think it helps them develop.

Kristin said...

seriously I agree of course..I want more activity things with lights and buttons and sounds!!!

I did this post. plugged you too


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