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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Call ME Fat...not a teenager!

That's right...I'm FAT! That's me over on the right, I admit it, I'm not ashamed of it. See, I have a double chin, "chubby" cheeks and hey, look at that, my roots are showing too! I'm just all around ugly right?? But you know what, I may not look pretty on the outside...but at least I have a PERSONALITY! I'm a grown woman of 24 years old. I have 3 kids who have added weight to me, some of that pregnancy weight never goes away.

If you are wondering why I suddenly posted something like this. It's because of some chick on another "mommy blog" she honestly don't deserve to have that title since if she was a true mother, she wouldn't be acting the way she does. Trisha has distastefully posted a picture of a 15year old, yes a TEENAGER who she calls "fat" and makes fun of her because she has braces...wtf?! Isn't this the same Trisha who has a 1800dentist.com video to redo her nasty teeth?? I'm not going to justify her trying to get traffic by posting her blog URL, but just know this has caused quite the uproar on Twitter and multiple other blogs. Do a search on Twitter for #momdotsucks and you will find all kinds of goodies! There are multiple other things she has done to piss off a lot of people. One in particular she joked and said having to lose 5lbs was worse than being diagnosed with Cancer! Really!??!?! When I was younger, my 4yr old cousin lost his 2nd battle with cancer...that's funny Trisha? Tell that to my Aunt and Uncle who now don't have any kids together, their only child together is gone...he would be 20 this year, they are still grief stricken...but of course...it's ok...you are a "Ethical Blogger" you don't have to worry about other's feelings.

I don't post things like this usually. I try to stay out of the drama. But this has went too far. Take it from a woman who went through hell as a teenager in school because I was overweight. I was born this way, I was a 9lb 13oz baby. I was NEVER skinny, I didn't overeat, I ate healthy food...but still couldn't shed the pounds. Now I've become bigger than I should be...but that's because of crummy people like Trisha in high school tore my self esteem apart and now battle depression, which causes me to eat when upset.

Trisha thinks she's all high and mighty, she has all these big sponsors on her site. You know what, there have been MANY people emailing and calling these sponsors to ask them to revoke sponsorship. There has even been a petition started so sponsors can see how many people she has ticked off. Check out the petition HERE and you can see I've signed it. It's a petition against Cyber Bullying because that's what she is doing. She didn't have permission to take that picture, and she didn't have permission to post it. That's right, she took the picture in a AIRPORT, of a TEENAGER and posted it ONLINE which she had no right to do! Her and her "followers" are trying to say she posted it in an effort to raise awareness of childhood obesity?!?!! Really? Well I want to know what a Jewish man, a guy in a mo hawk and another CHILD in "fringe" boots have to do with childhood obesity...that's right, she made fun of all of them!

I'm not the only blogger outraged at this ridiculous behavior, check out some others who are rightfully upset about it:

http://www.shesmorethananumber.blogspot.com/ She created the petition and for that I thank you!
http://networkingwitches.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/surely-not-judgmental/ This a great woman, she just recently left Trisha's group and Congratulations to her for that!!! She has been on the inside and knows Trisha is a evil person first hand!
http://www.delthedad.com/?p=552 He is the fiancée of a friend of mine, he tells it like it is.
http://trishahaasneedsanosejob.blogspot.com/ This blog was created just yesterday, all about Trisha and this craziness she has with her "blog" exposing lies and such of hers.

So, if you think that a 31yr old woman posting a picture of a 15yr old teenager without permission and calling her fat and insulting her is wrong...then sign the petition above, and let's raise awareness of this nonsense of a "blog" this crazy woman runs. I'm tweeting #momdotsucks and links to the petition today.

If you have a post about this and would like to be included in the above list, I'll happily add it. I know I saw more posts I just can't find them all right now. I'm not one for drama, I just think what she is doing is ethically wrong. I have seen multiple places where people are calling and emailing her sponsors to get them to drop her like a diseased rock.

Trisha, I'm sure you are going to read it...call ME fat...go ahead. I can handle it, I'm an adult. You wouldn't be the 1st person. At least this time you would be calling an ADULT fat, not some innocent teenager, and there is a reason to call me fat...that picture you posted, that child was NOT fat!

That is all, and I'm getting off my soap box now. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree that what she did was wrong. I will say that what you are doing by bashing her all over the web is no better then what she did. Shame on you!

AStarrA said...

Just read the above post...I don't think she is bashing her at all. Making people aware of it yes. (Ok, Ok maybe the "Isn't this the same Trisha who has a 1800dentist.com video to redo her nasty teeth??" comment) I do think some other sites have gone too far and are just being bullies too but I don't think she has!

AStarrA said...

Thank you!!! I read her blog the other day and was so upset and disgusted by it. (And that girl wasn't even "fat" WTF?!?) I was also upset about the picture of the other girl she posted, who looked even younger and she was making fun of her shoes. (Not that her making fun of the men is any better but at least they are adults)

I've had the same battle as you have and people like her just make it 100 time worse for us when there is no need.

As for the people calling it "obesity awareness" they need to wake up and realize it's just being a bully.

With that being said I think other bloggers etc. don't need to stoop to her level (I don't think you did) Defend the girl and other people she posted about but don't turn around and bully too, two wrongs never make a right.

I do hope the petition leads to sponsors not supporting her blog. I also hope that maybe, just maybe she will actually learn something from this...though I do have doubts.

Anyway I've rambled enough now, I'm just glad something is being done about it!!


Oh, Jackie! You are one courageous no-nonsense gal and I love you for it! I'm pretty much in the dark about goings-on in the blogger world, but I've had one of my "insights" for quite some time now. I've ignored it but I'm going to do some sleuthing on my own. As for being fat, you be President and I'll be Vice-Prez of that group! I've been fat(such an ugly word)all my life, too. Except for a year in college and I was miserable! AND after 3 babies, well, you know! I have worked in the public sector as a teacher,customer service rep, speaker and now a blogger. I have never run across anyone who would publicly humiliate a fellow human being-anonymous or otherwise. I don't even want to imagine what those people are going through right now if they have been identified by friends or family. OMG! Nothing on the Internet EVER fades away! Thanks for the heads-up, my friend!

Jackie said...

This post wasn't made to "bash her" yes I said something about her teeth but that's the only slight bashing I said. I want to "Raise Awareness of Ignorant People" and that is why I posted this.

my2boyz said...

AMEN sister!!! I could have not said it better myself! You now have a new blog follower! ME!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Great post Jackie. I think people do need to call her out on this - it was unacceptable, period.

Winter Witch said...

I am happy to call you a friend. You posted with tact and with well known facts and just a touch of empathy.

Quite frankly if 2/3 of the population is fat I find it funny a puny 1/3 is pushin us around eh?

Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

Way to go Jackie. Kudos. And I have to say that it's not JUST about the poke at the teen girl. That she and others attempted to defend what she did by calling it "obesity awareness". Freaking sickening at the fat jokes these other "Mothers" chimed in with.

The first and 2nd man pictured were not overweight.

To anon. tell your friend if she's going to stoke the fire, to get the hell out of the way if she can't take the heat.
To quote her, I do think she has said "It's my blog and I'll do what I want", kudos hunny, 'cause us fat girls have a blog and we apparently know how to use it!

My best to you Jackie. I have to tell you, when I first ran across your blog a few months ago, I told my partner, and best friend how I commend you for being over weight and vlogging. I'm working up the courage for my first vlog one day, hopefully soon. And to you, I'll give thanks!

Big Squishy Bewbie Hugs!
~ Rose ~

Kristin said...

Um Jackie was talking about her self.

Jackie I love you my friend. What I love about you is you are always consistent, you're always there for me. Love you!

btw her post was wrong yada yada this post was about YOU and how YOU feel! smooches

dddiva said...

I don't think you bashed her at all, but stated facts.

I also got accused of being as bad as she is for posting her name and site and I guess saying that she was letting the ugly on the inside show on the outside (without a link I won't give her that much) *shrug* if people can't see the difference between me being outraged at her behavior and her making fun of people in a cruel and heartless way, that's on them.

I am not taking part in the tweets etc- I see no need, I said what I needed to say and pulled every link for every affiliation I had with her as I feel that strongly that her behavior was reprehensible but I also won't be bashing her or stooping to her level.

You didn't, and for that I applaud you.

You rock, and to me you are beautiful inside and out.

Sherry aka dddiva

karenmed409 said...

A friend of mine sent me this and wanted to share it with you.

We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver and a coffee with my friends. With time we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.
Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, "Good gosh, look how smart I am!"

You are a very beautiful person!!!

MAC Mom said...

Way to go for stating the facts. I had no idea of the cancer statment made on her part but again that is vile. I just had a 2 year old from my community die prom Pediatric Cancer who we were all praying for. I'm sure his parents would feel that caring an extra 5 lbs. would be worse than losing their precious son. One bad post I would think Trisha had a lapse in judgement. But it seems her blog is just plagued with vile thoughts that do not envoke controversy rather just show mean-spiritedness. Stop defending her annonymously. If you feel strong enough to defend her actions why don't you attach your blog and blog url behind your post. And sign your name as a stamp of approval behind her post. Go ahead ......

Becky said...

Oh honey you are beautiful and I heart you!

Ok I clicked over from OLS and you have a new follower! My OLS name is OLSPickedMyNick.


Jenn said...

You Go Girl! Tell it like it is! And you are not ugly!

~JEWEL~ said...

Darlin you are NOT ugly. Look at that beautiful face. Also you have a beautiful heart!!

I am up to my eyes with people saying that when someone does wrong it shouldn't be talked about !! You are NOT lower to her level at all. You are standing up to the trash she is spewing. I am tired of a society of wimps who say EH .... not my problem. You are not one of those and I am proud of you for boldy stating so. I do wish you wouldnt have trashed yourself in the process tho !!! ~HUGS RockysJewel~

~JEWEL~ said...

oh and typical. #1 you are posting as anonymous. That's good pull that black hood down over your face. KKK does it too. Let's hide !!!

Anonymous said...

I think what some people aren't realizing is that Trisha does this stuff ALL the time! Not only that but she's getting braver and braver because she thinks she can get away with it. And why? Because we mom bloggers LET HER! Because these companies LET HER! It's about time other bloggers start standing up for themselves and for others that she bashes. She's sneaky, conniving, horribly mean and I'm shocked that some people are just now seeing this.

I'm happy to say that my blog and my name are not attached to this woman in any sort of way. I often don't read blogs that have her button on them either. I just wish others that are involved with her would wise up and see that they're better off not being associated with her.

I'm really glad that you've posted this and I'm happy to see other bloggers FINALLY shining some light on what Trisha is really all about. Good for you and I personally think you're a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for the brave post, you're awesome!

JamericanSpice said...

I'm usually way behind on drama but finally caught up to the post on what Trisha posted a few minutes ago and I cried.

I cannot believe a mother would do that to someone's child.

At first I thought this was just more blog community drama but omg.. I'm disgusted.

Jackie you are a sweetheart.

I go read the other links.

Anonymous said...

As a PR rep for a major firm, I can guarantee you that no reputable firm would want to deal with ANY of you for stooping to this level. You are ruining it for all bloggers with your childish antics.

Grow up and good luck finding companies that want to deal with you now.

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

HA HA PR rep....well if you are PR...Why not show it off....oh right...because you are FULL OF HORSE SHIT...but thanks for the page view for my friend Jackie! She got TWO hits off of you...RIGHT ON REP, you must think Jackie is stupid...ha ha!

Anyway, Jackie I think you are a beautiful person, just because we may not all be a size 4 with itty bitties does not mean that you are not a beautiful person. Hell did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a SIZE 10-12. Yup...she was considered THE PERFECT woman at the time with her figure. So you rock it sister, you are a beautiful person with a big, golden heart. I cannot say too many people have those qualities.

Keep on wit your bad self! Muwah!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chelle said...

Thank you for posting this! I think it's BRAVE and brings awareness to all of us out there that she constantly hurts others.

((hugs)) and I think you're beautiful, momma!! xo

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