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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is the dog crate big enough for 2 dogs?

I recently won a auction on EBay for a wire dog crate, since we now have 2 inside dogs we need a place to keep them when we go out or are eating. Well it come today. After it was all put together, guess who wanted to jump in? Nope, not Pepper or Charley, JAYLIN! Then, once Jeffery got out of timeout, he wanted in too! I now know the dog cage is big enough for our 2 puppies! My reasoning? If 2 large toddlers can fit in it comfortably together and play, even lay down together...it's big enough for 2 20lb dogs! Oh, and I also realized the crate will serve 2 purposes, place for the puppies, and a timeout for the kids (kidding!).


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

LOL! For some reason Parker likes the kennel too and will lock himself in there with the dog at times. Not so often anymore because we don't leave it set up.

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