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Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's a Goof!

Jaylin is so silly. She wears a pull-up to school now, and when they change her's sometimes they put someone else's on her, which don't fit properly. The other day she was walking away from me and I said "Jayin, you have a fat butt!" she turns her head around and goes "Yea!" then keeps walking. A few minutes later I told Jeff to check out her pull-up butt (he had heard the earlier conversation between me and her lol) and he goes "Goodness Jaylin you have a big butt!" she turns around and goes "Uhhhh" and here is how the rest of the conversation went...

Me: Look at that Jeff, you made her self conscious about her looks
Jeff: What?!?!? You said the same thing to her!
Me: Apparently she don't like you looking at her butt!
Jeff: Jaylin, you don't really have a big butt, it's because of your pull-up making your butt look big

Jaylin then comes up to him and goes "Off" and tugs at her pull-up!!

I almost fell on the floor laughing!!!! She's only 3 and already gets mad when a man says something about her looks!!! I love her, she's awesome!


Liz said...

Aww, that is cute! They do pick up things really fast. :)

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