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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm The Luckiest Mommy!

I'm having a proud mommy moment and I have every right to be! I have 3 amazing kids, 2 of which are doing excellent in school, a baby who is just so happy all the time and a husband who works his tail off so I can stay at home!

Jeffery's speech is getting so much better. Most people can figure out about half of what he says now, a big difference from when no one but me and Jeff could understand anything he said. He's a talkative little boy, and he seems to learn new stuff every day! Just yesterday he wanted some of Jeff's tea, so I told him to ask daddy if he could have a sip. Jeffery goes over to him and says "Daddy can I have a sip of your tea?" and usually he has a problem with his "s" sound, but he said sip perfectly! So Jeff said to him "can you say sip again?" and Jeffery without missing a beat says "Sip again" We about died laughing and he had no idea why we were laughing! He did get his sip of tea! He can sing the whole alphabet song, and can recognize most of the letters. He can also already write his 1st name!!! He's a smart boy! Now if we could only get his behavior under control I'd be happy! Without further delay, here is Jeffery's school picture from this year! Isn't he the most handsome 4 year old!

Jaylin, my little princess! She's doing so awesome, everyone absolutely loves her! She had a rough start but now she loves going to school, the one day recently she was sick she had to stay home and she threw a fit that Jeffery got to go to school and she couldn't go. She tries to say her ABCs and tries to count. She's smart as could be! She's also starting to put 2 and 3 words together! She's grown up so much in the past few months, it's amazing! This is her first ever school picture...it's the perfect school picture...I'm in love with it!

Jaxon, he's 6months old already! Where does the time go? He's spoiled rotten! He is just a happy baby though, smiles at us for just looking at him and giggles at everything! He's such a good baby, sleeps all night...only cries when he needs something and is just all around good! He loves his baby food, his favorite so far is bananas! In this picture I think he's eating peaches though...still so happy!

Christmas is coming up too fast! Jeff has worked and worked so we can have a great holiday, plus I've set back a few of the gift guide reviews and wrapped them after I checked them out for the review. In other news, we're looking at buying a house around February/March! I'm excited! I'm tired of renting, and want my own place...a BIGGER place! Here's a great picture of Jeff with Jaylin feeding Jaxon on his lap....just plain precious!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

What a beautiful post Jackie - it is obvious that you are one proud mama - and rightfully so!

That is wonderful that Jeffery is pronouncing his "ess" now. That was so cute what he said. He is pretty darned handsome!

Jaylin is a beauty...that is a wonderful picture of her.

Yay on buying a house - that is very exciting!

Thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Jackie that is so awesome! How time flies is right, they are too cute! They amaze us each day as they grow into their own. Good job mama!

Feel free to pick my brain anytime about buying a house. I'm here for ya!


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I'd say you're doing a fabulous job with your kiddos! They're all beautiful, happy, and healthy. Good luck with the house!!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful family. Your post made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! I am a new follower to your blog, and was happy to see a personal post like this. you have a happy looking family!!! HUGS

Nichol said...

What a great post. The kids are adorable. Your family is beautiful.

clarissa@neiding.com said...

sweet children. I am glad you are a happy proud momma

Night Owl Mama said...

OH my gosh your children are way too sweet just adorable

congratulations to your son he bust be so proud of him self too

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Aww those school pics are just the cutest! Jaylin is great for the camera always, that's awesome! Such a cutie, you're making me want another girl lol.

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