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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Mingle - December 14

Welcome to Monday Mingle, today's mingle is the last for this year, mingles will return after the 1st of the year! Enjoy! To join in the fun of Monday Mingle, head over to Jennifer's blog Eighty MPH Mom!!!!


Kristin said...

he totally wanted that computer. it was nice to see him, they're just getting so big.

I think santa on the firetruck is neat!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Wow that Santa on the firetruck is amazing. I can't even imagine living in a small town that does something like that.

Jackson is so sweet. (That's my nephew's name.)

My Mingle is at:

Have a Merry Christmas!


Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Jackie you are a trooper @ 2am sister, Very cute with Jaxon. NOW GET SOME SLEEP!

I bet the firetruck Santa is SO AWESOME, how fun. Enjoy your holiday with your dad and family. I hear you on the in-laws. BLECH.

BTW - Got the card...OH SO CUTE! The Chad said how cute they are and its a great card.


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