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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Storm

I had planned to catch up on reviews and giveaways this weekend. But, things didn't go as planned. We got a snowstorm and we lost power on Saturday morning around 10am. We tried to wait it out and hope the power would come back on, Jeff's buddy brought a kerosene heater for us to keep warm. When we got word that the power might not come back on til the 12th (that's what the power company told his buddy's wife) I started to panic. I wasn't comfortable with that heater being on all night, you know carbon monoxide and all.

Jeff went out to shovel some more snow, then come back in and told me the Virginia National Guard was making rounds. I got mad and asked why he didn't ask them to take us out of there! So I called my dad and let him know I was upset, and Dad still had power (not to mention he has a gas fireplace and carbon monoxide detectors and such for backup) So he said if the National Guard could get us out, we could stay with him, he give me the non emergency number for the county and I called, they told me if the National Guard come and got me they would have to take us to a emergency shelter in ANOTHER TOWN!!!! I got mad, my dad lives in the same town, and he has power, not to mention my kids would be a LOT more comfortable there! So I told her to go ahead and send them, I called dad and we made a plan. If they refused to take us to his house, we would walk to the bottom of the hill to the main road (probably about a half mile) and Dad could meet us there, heck even the National Guard could drop us off there and Dad would pick us up. So when they got to our house (it was the volunteer fire dept pickup truck and 2 national guard hummers) I spoke to the fireman and he said he would talk to dispatch and work something out to get us to my dad's.

Well, while I got the kids and our bags together, they tried to turn around. One of the hummers tried to do a 3 point turn in the middle of our dirt road, and he ended up in a ditch. The 2nd hummer tried to pull it out, and they got stuck!!! Really, I couldn't make this stuff up, the frigging national guard got stuck in a ditch, in 2feet of snow while trying to rescue a family....MY family!!! The 2nd hummer got out easy, but it took about 4 or 5 guys digging to get the other one out, they even called for another truck to come pull them out, but finally got it. All the while Jaxon and me are in the pickup truck, Jeff and the kids went to the unstuck hummer. We couldn't leave until the one hummer was out.

Finally, we left, got to Dad's and are safe and warm! Today when he got home from work he took me to the store to get something to eat and then we drove to our road to see what it looked like, I ended up picking my lock with my debit card to get in (cuz the keys were in a bag at Dad's) I got the playpen, our blankets and pillows (we brought the kids' last night) and also a chance of clothes for us. I also grabbed my laptop and router because I couldn't get used to my Dad's desktop computer and mouse. So, I now have internet access!!!

We didn't sleep well last night, it was rough, the kids were scared and we were sleeping in recliners and the floor. Tonight should be better, the kids didn't take a nap and they were worn out by running around all day with Pawpaw. They are already asleep, Jaylin is here on the couch beside me, Jeffery is asleep on the floor infront of Dad's TV, they were watching the super bowl, Jaylin actually 1st fell asleep in Dad's computer chair, it was cute, I have a picture I'll have to upload later.

Well, I have plenty to do. Need to get the kids upstairs to bed...somehow lol. I hope Jaxon sleeps better tonight now that he is in his playpen and not the floor.


Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

Jackie that is one heck of a story. I'm glad you guys are all safe, and warm now. I thought of your family a lot last night after Speedy told me what was up.
Hugs to you all, I hope you get to head home soon.

Kristin said...

I could literally hear you sigh. glad all is fine.

London's-beauty said...

you must be amazingly exhausted! Oh btw i wanted to ask, do you do giveaways to Non US residents? for example UK [me?] :) i found you on bloggers united X) the last post you had was on november I think and was wondering whether you're still writing a blog, so I thought I might aswell check out your blog. x)

London's-beauty said...

may you reply to my blog if you have time and at the same time look at some of my reviews if you are any way interested :) thank you! xx

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