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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Inky Zebra (review/discount code)

I love personalized stuff. I always know what's mine, what's Jeff's, Jeffery's, and Jaylin's. So when I was contacted to review Inky Zebra I was thrilled! Everything on Inky Zebra is able to be personalized with your or your child's name, or even a message.

The one thing that had me the most excited was the trace books. Jeffery already knows how to write his 1st name, it's a little sloppy but what do you expect from a 5year old? The trace books have the ABC's, then each individual letter has a page, little dotted letters that he traces, and then he can practice on his own with the blank lines. My favorite is that at the bottom of every page is his 1st and last name in the dotted letters, so he can learn to write them (write his 1st name better, and learn his last name all together) With each letter page, there is a little picture that starts with that letter (apple for A) that the child can color. When I ordered my review items, the only character they had for the trace books was the robot, but now they have princesses with different color hair, and skin, and they also now have numbers too!

I was also able to review the bookmarks, doodle books, notebooks, folders, journals and notepads. The bookmarks, I let Jeffery pick which character he wanted, he picked the penguin which is just plain adorable! He got 10 of them and when he saw them, then laid them down end to end and made them a road! Jeff and I have used them as well, we'll save them for him when he gets older he'll get plenty of use out of them if he's anything like me! I got a doodle book for Jaylin, and just like mommy, she loves monkeys! She loves to draw, she's just getting the hang of holding a pencil and still just scribbles, but she tells me she's drawing me, daddy, Jeffery and so on. She'll also ask me to draw something. I think it's neat that there is squares on the pages (some have 1, and some have 2) and then there are lines for the child (or whoever, can be for adults too) to write what the picture is, or name it, put the date or whatever. One thing I got for myself and Jeff was the notepads, you can personalize the top of it, I had it say "Jeff & Jackie's grocery/to-do list that will probably never get done..." Jeff loves it! I only wish it was like a post-it and sticky on the back, I am going to get a magnet and put on the back of one (it comes with 2 notepads with 50 sheets each). All of the products I got from Inky Zebra were made of durable materials, heck, my 5 and 3yr olds have tossed them around when mad, and pulled on them...and they are still around! The colors are bright and I love them! The characters are cute too, of course I especially love the monkey!

Since I got my review products, Inky Zebra has added more products to their list, such as stickers, door signs, and place mats! I wish they would have had those when I got the opportunity to review their products, my kids would love them. I'll have to go get some of them for the kids eventually, because they all look so cute, and if they are anything like their stationary products, I know they will be great!

Check out InkyZebra today, you can order a set of 1 bookmark for free, yes FREE!! Personalized and everything! That's not all, as a reader of my blog, enter the code MonkeyMayhem and get 30% off your entire purchase!


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

What a CUTE site! I love the placemats too - I think I'll have to remember this company for Charlie's birthday. Adorable. Thanks!

Winter Witch said...

These are way cute. Even my 7 year old would love these items.

Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

These are super cute. I want to get some for my great-niece and nephew. I know my 11 year old would adore them.

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