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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Greatest Joys

Are my kids! Over the past week I have taken a couple hundred pictures of them. Yes, I said a couple HUNDRED! They amaze me each and every day, and I want to capture every moment of it. I would love to share with you each and every photo I have taken, but, that would take days and days to upload them all. I have done the hardest thing I've had to do this week, pick out a few of my favorite pictures from this past week.

Let's begin with my oldest. Jeffery who is now 5 years old. He don't like his picture taken often, so it's very hard for me to get a "perfect" shot of him. I finally got "the" shot I've been longing for with Jeffery.

Now Jaylin, 3 years old and she is my little princess. She loves to have her picture taken and that is why you tend to see more pictures of her. She is also very photogenic, I would love to have her model one day.
Jaxon....oh Jaxon! My 9 month old baby! He was a dream to take pictures of the other day while the kids were at school, he's so happy and for now, in the grass, he sits still! Made for one heck of a great photo shoot!

Now for the grand finale! A picture of all 3 of them looking at the camera!!! I think I'm a miracle worker! Or, it could be they were 4 feet off the ground and too scared to move so they sat there and stared at me while I told them "As soon as you look at me and smile, I'll get you down"

I love my kids! They are the best thing in the world! Not to mention, the cutest!!!!


Kristin said...

They are too cute!

Night Owl Mama said...

adorable pictures of your children I too luv when I can get just the right pictures

I am Lee-Ann... said...

They are super cute and you did an awesome job! Your kids seem to have the same age spacing between them as mine do! :o) Are you planning on anymore? I'm thinking of #4 right now, shhhh, don't tell anyone! Great job Mama!

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