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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little of This, Little of That

Whew! I can finally take a breath. The kids have been out of school for just about 2 weeks (1 week for the Virginia Head Start Conference, and then most of last week and yesterday for Spring Break!) They have kept me on my toes for sure!

Jeffery started T-ball practice. He is good. The 1st practice his coach come and picked him up since Jeff needed the van. The second one, he was tired because it was so early in the morning. He need patience, and he needs a bigger attention span lol. His team don't have a name, they just go by the sponsor, his is Stanley Masonry. I do have to go get him a new glove when Jeff gets paid, the boy has big hands! He has another practice today and it's suppose to be up to 90F here! That is crazy weather for April!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Jaylin will have her second set of ear tubes (you can read about her 1st surgery HERE) I expect it to go pretty much the same. My poor baby, she can't catch a break! Her ears are filled with fluid, which is causing ear infections, which makes it harder to hear in school to learn. Her teachers can tell when she's getting sick, she gets dark bags under her eyes and just wants to cuddle (yes, her teachers will cuddle with her too! They are awesome!)

Speaking of tomorrow, I will turn 25 tomorrow! Happy birthday to me, sitting in a hospital with my baby girl! It won't be too bad, the surgery don't last long, and this is her 3rd surgery all together (she had her tonsils and adenoids out last year, read that HERE.) So her 2nd surgery was better than the 1st, so let's hope her 3rd is better than those.

Anyways, the house hunt. Wow...that has been a roller coaster ride from you know where. We liked a house on 2nd Street here in town, nice fenced in yard, needed a little work but it was livable. So, we put an offer in before we left for Norfolk the other week. I got a call a few days later that it had been accepted. So, our Realtor was setting up the stuff for a home inspection. Then 2 days later he calls back and tells me that the bank had sold it at auction...we lost the house before we even got it! I wanted to cry! That give us a few problems...the USDA was estimating to run out of money by the end of April, so now we were going into April and it takes about 30days to get approved through the mortgage broker before getting to USDA...we were losing hope real fast. (BTW big thank you to Karie at The Five Fish for educating me on the home buying process and answering any and all stupid questions I had.) We weren't quite giving up completely, just losing hope. We asked our Realtor to take us to see THIS house. We fell in love before we even got inside. It's beautiful up there, surrounded by cows on 2 sides and across the street, the 1 neighbor is up a hill away from us, and it's on a paved road. The inside needs a little work, but will be a beautiful house once we get done with it. After talking to the bank, it wasn't looking hopeful that it would be approved for a USDA Rural Development loan because of the old wiring. I went and talked to my dad, and he offered to help us with a down payment for a FHA loan...we're back on track as of yesterday! I called the bank, and our Realtor. We're going to put an offer in on Thursday! We're going up there today after I get the kids off the bus so Jeff can take some more pictures of the outside! I'm excited!

On another note, our Easter was nice. The kids got plenty of candy from the Easter bunny. We went to my dad's for a egg hunt. Which ended up turning into a photoshoot of our family. Here is the best picture of all 5 of us (the 1st of us together!) My dad is a great photographer and took over 100 pictures that day of the kids hunting eggs and such. He took the picture, and I edited it to make it look like this.

Everything is coming together for the 1st Birthday Celebration which is starting at the end of this month! I can't wait!


Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ said...

Busy, busy, busy!
I love that picture! <3

Kristin said...

Love the pic. Glad all is well I've been wondering where you were.

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