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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Enough Hours In The Day

I am BEAT! This week has been nonstop going and going! Between meetings for Head Start (had 2 of them this week), T-ball games and practices, working on buying a house, finding land, and throw in a school field trip, there is barely time to catch your breath. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Lets start with Head Start. Had our county meeting on Monday to discuss field trip and end of year celebration coming up. Also there is talk of the school we're at shutting down (there are 5 elementary schools, 2 high schools and 2 middle schools in the county, ours is one of the smallest and is between 2 towns) being that students in Head Start come from both the towns this school is between, it's up in the air which town elementary school they will put Head Start in. Jeff has spent a lot of time at the current school housing Head Start, fixing the playground, getting it safe so the kids can play on it, and now the school may get shut down. Jeff isn't too happy about it, I'm just concerned they may put Head Start in the town school farthest from us, because I spend a lot of time volunteering in the class, meetings and such. I also went to the Head Start meeting for all surrounding counties on Thursday, I call it the regional meeting, but it's not the region, it's just this portion of the region. Anyways, I got a certificate for not missing a meeting and being involved. I'm actually the chairperson for both the county and the "regional" committees.

Jeffery had T-ball practice on Tuesday, but it was raining, ended up going to the batting cage in town. His game for Wednesday was rained out so I got a small break. Then he had a game yesterday (Saturday) He did good the 1st inning, but the 2nd inning he had "checked out" and wasn't into it. It was a early morning game so  he wasn't quite awake yet lol. He's getting better at being back catcher, he pays attention now. I also bought him a new bat the other week, the bat we have is a 15oz, and his coach handed him a 10oz bat in practice and he was hitting up a storm...so I was on the hunt for a 10oz bat, then on facebook I was told to get him a 12oz bat. I found one and had it overnighted so he would have it for his game. I tell you, since he's had that bat he's been doing GREAT!!!!

Now for the headache, buying a house. The house we loved the view of, had mold and FHA wouldn't approve it. So then I started looking into getting a modular home. The lady at the bank we had been working with started looking into it, and said it could be done. So we went on a hunt for a house we liked. Found one, and then ran into a snag with Jeff's credit and the amount we would need. We were only being approved for $110k and we need $127k for the land and everything else. Jeff has a repossession from 2003 (before we met) and they were including that in his monthly bills (saying he pays $400+ a month) so the lady we have been working with (and she has worked her butt off for us, she's sweet as could be) broke it to us that we should go try a bigger bank and see what they could do. So I did, and got word that the new bank wasn't seeing the repossession on his credit and everything was a go! That headache was over, and then we went on to finding land that would fit the house we wanted, be in town, and have enough for a yard and eventually a garage for Jeff. Finally yesterday we found one! I called about it (being sold by owner, not a real estate agent) and found out it was 2 lots, and they were asking $40k, and I told him that our budget only allows $35k for land  (he had told me that both lots were appraised for $35k EACH) he said he would talk to his brothers and see if they would drop the price...later I got a call that they would!!!!!! This is land in town (we want water/sewer and trash pickup) it's a GREAT size, and in a good neighborhood (not too far from my dad). I go tomorrow to find out more details from the town office (I'm doing the work that real estate agents usually do) Things are looking up, we have all the papers we need, I'm going to scan Jeff's pay stubs, our bank statements and stuff like that and email to the new bank lady to get the ball rolling on that. I hope to be in our new house either before the Fall or soon after Fall...as long as it's before Winter, I don't care lol.

Now, my last busy thing...I joined a women's softball team. Today was the 1st practice and I had fun. I haven't played since middle school...and the coach happens to be my old t-ball coach (we've kept in touch, and she's a sweetheart). I can't wait to have a game and let the kids go watch me play ball. This will also help me get in shape and I need it. I need something outside to do, something active and I found it! I loved softball when I was younger!

Now this has gotten long, and I have winners to pick and stuff to do. I hope everyone has had a great week and is enjoying the 1st Birthday Celebration, it's taken a break because Alex has went out of town and we didn't want to jump ahead of her. We'll be back on track before ya know it!


Mad Hatter Mom said...

Holy cow! I'm tired just reading that!

So cool that you joined a softball team! I've wanted to find a volleyball team to join during the fall but I haven't found one yet.

I hope you have a great time!

Kristin said...

Softball sounds fun. I've never played but I'm always looking for things that 1. get me out of the house and 2. get me off my feet.

Now we all want to see pics of you playing!!! ;)

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