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Friday, May 28, 2010

Pillow Pets (review)

I can remember seeing the commercial on TV for Pillow Pets...I thought they were so cute, and Jaylin would pipe up and say "want that". Seriously, you can't get that song out of your head...I listened to it right before writing this and I think it'll be there all night now! "It's a pillow....it's a pet....it's a pillowpet!" haha! So when I got a chance to review a Pillow Pet...I jumped right on it!

I have to start with the funny story of picking out Jaylin's Pillow Pet, I pulled up their website and had Jaylin sitting on the bed beside me. I told her she could pick out 1 and she would get it...can I just say she wanted ALL of them! There were sooooooo many adorable ones, a purple unicorn, a bunny, a dog (or 2 lol) even an elephant, moose and dolphin...there are seriously too many to name....check out their website to see them all. Because she kept changing her mind...I decided to pick one for her (seriously, she would love any and all of them) and of course...I picked the monkey Pillow Pet. I made a good choice (not like there could be a bad one hahahahaha!)

So what is a Pillow Pet (for those of you living under a rock lol) It's a stuffed animal that can unfold to become a full sized pillow. I was actually quite shocked at the size of the Pillow Pet when it arrived...it's about half the size of Jaylin...she had a hard time getting her arms around the monkey! Although it's huge...she lugged that monkey EVERYWHERE! I wish I had a picture, but she carried it to Jeffery's t-ball practice one day! You can see her here sleeping with the monkey Pillow Pet. It opens from the "pet" to the pillow easily...but redoing it I found it a little odd....the one end has a flap to cover it when not attached to the other end (I see the reason...because it's rough) but Jaylin can't get that little flap off the velcro hooks to hook it back to the other side, she always brings it back to me to "fix" (her words lol)

One thing you can't tell by looking at the commercial or the website...is how soft the Pillow Pet is...it's sooooooo silky smooth and I want one for myself (Jeff said I picked the monkey for me anyways lol) for only $19.95. If we had the room, I think we would have every Pillow Pet there is lol, Jeffery wants one now too...so maybe when we have some extra money we'll get one for him.

Summer is just around the corner (feels like it already around here) and Pillow Pets has a special Summer Giveaway going on...just send in your video of where your Pillow Pet has gone with you this Summer! The prize? Your choice of Pillow Pet AND one for each of your friends (up to 10)! How awesome is that?!?!?! Check out all the details HERE. You have until July 31st to submit your video...and one winner will be chosen every 3 weeks between May 31st and August 22nd, so there are plenty of chances to win!

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