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Friday, June 11, 2010

Even Jaylin's Teachers Brag About Her!

Yep, not only do I, her mother, brag nonstop about my beautiful princess...so do her teachers. We had a IEP (Individual Education Plan) for her speech, and her Head Start teacher, speech therapist, librarian (she was subbing in for the principal), and her Special Education worker (all 3 of them worked with Jeffery too)

We were going over her history, and then went on to her current strengths and I swear, these teachers/therapists just lit up talking about her! The speech therapist told me she loves having Jaylin because she's always wearing pink, and they play a color matching game and Jaylin always has to find the pink cards to match them (Jaylin goes with me a lot to pick out her clothes, she's the one who loves pink). Jaylin's Head Start teacher was talking about how much more she's talking, how quickly she potty trained, how smart she is, she knows at least 10 of her letters, most of her colors and all of her shapes. They kept saying how when she started in September the only word she said was "baby" which is her puffalump duck she HAD to have...and then the last week of school, she no longer needed it! You can see in the picture on the right, that's baby she's holding on her 1st day of school.

She's 3 years and 9 months old, and in the past 9 months she's grown SO MUCH! The picture on the left is from the field trip they took just a week before school was out. She loves her teachers, and the next picture is of her and the bus assistant (who also LOVES her...come on, who couldn't love her!!?) I'm so proud of her! She's an awesome little girl...next year she won't have Jeffery in her class to bother her so much, we're all agreeing that she'll thrive even more next year! This year was good that he was there for her 1st year, but he also picked on her a lot and made her mad. Now she gets a break from him!


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

I am happy to hear she is doing so well - I can tell you are one proud mama!

she is just adorable - and again, I am so jealous of her hair!!

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