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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Official!

We're buying a house! I've kept my excitement low until now because of the last 2 houses that fell through. But today, I got an email that our loan approval was out of underwriting and it's official! We're buying a double wide house!!!!!!!! We've picked out the floor plan, we've picked out our colors (inside and out) and we have our land picked out (I have a meeting here soon about that, if they will combine 2 lots into 1 so we can build on it)

Here is the floor plan (all of my images are from Clayton Homes, which is who we're buying our home from):

Here is a picture of the kitchen (This is one of the main reason's we're buying this particular house!) I'm so in love with the island. The kids can eat breakfast there while I fix their lunches for school or whatever! I'm excited!!!! Our kitchen colors are going to be lighter than this though, I don't like a dark kitchen:
Living Room:
Dining Room:
My master bathroom! In love with this bathtub too!
Here is a picture of the color scheme we picked out for the exterior of our home (our house is going to be bigger than this one!) Grey siding and blue shutters.
I have to say, the exterior was the one place Jeff and I couldn't agree on anything, we agreed that grey would be nice, but there were sooo many options for shutter colors, he wanted black or something else...and the way they have it in the book, you cant do a side by side to see what things will look like. So while he was writing stuff down, I walked outside to their model lot and started looking at colors, the 2nd one I looked at was grey/blue and it was honestly my 1st choice when we saw the choices in the book...but Jeff didn't like it. So my happy little butt went inside and dragged him outside so he could see what the colors looked like together, once he saw it, he agreed with me! I'm always right ;)

So, now everything is official. Nothing can go wrong (knock on wood) that I know of...our loan is approved, our land is almost what we need (meeting soon will fix it). We should be moving in at the end of September or   beginning of October. I'm so excited, we've started packing up stuff we don't need. I can't wait to own our own home, no more landlords fussing about grass not cut the way he wants it, or putting his junk in our back yard...blah!

Oh and our land, the kids will still have an awesome yard to play in, it's in town limits so we have town water and sewer and my favorite, trash pickup...it's the little things you don't realize you are going to miss until it's gone. Jeff has to haul our trash down to the recycling center right now and it's a huge pain! We're currently on a dirt road and that tears up our vehicles, we'll be moving to a paved road!!! AHHHH that's going to be awesome!!!

I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures as things progress (of the land, construction, etc).


Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

OMG!! This is wonderful news. It is finally happening. I know you've been waiting so long. It will be so nice to have the "perks" that you mentioned, and a brand new house to boot! I love your color choices.

I cannot wait for the day when you move in. I know you will have the biggest smile ever : )

Kristen said...

Congratulations! Nothing feels more wonderful than having a mortgage.. err.. I mean a brand new HOME! I wish you the easiest move ever! And let me know when the New House party is, You KNOW I'll show up ('specially if you are having cake!)

LiveLaughLoveCj said...

Banana's I am more thrilled for you than I can say. When I saw your news on facebook - I really did do a little chair dance out of excitement for you.

This is going to be amazing for you, Jeff and the kiddos. I can't wait for the pictures!

Blessings for you and your family on your very first new home! :) WOOT WOOT!

Heather M said...

We bought our first double wide a couple years ago. It has 3 bedrooms and we're outgrowing it. BOY would I love that 4th bedroom. We would have room for everything then. I wish you luck and take things easy. Don't get stressed over the little things, because they will pass.

Our kitchen sold us too. I LOVE your island!

Crystal P said...

Oh WOW! Congrats :)

That kitchen is so beautiful! I am so happy for you :)

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

So excited for ya!

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